Ashakes' Neverending Louboutin Collection...PICS FINALLY!

  1. Had to come back here and enjoy the beauties again!!!!
  2. Amazing, I'm envious and inspired
  3. Rats! False bump....:shucks:
  4. Wow, amazing! You have more than the Christian Louboutin store in Vegas
  5. I came expecting eye candy and am leaving disappointed!!! XO!
  6. so jealous!! :smile:
  7. Come back and update us some more!!! I bet you have plenty to share since your last post here.
  8. Wow! I'm head over heels in Loubi love with your collection.
  9. wow!!! Im speechless!
  10. Congrats on your newbies! Your collection is to die for.......faint!
  11. Dear ashakes,

    Your Frutti Frutti looks absolutely fab on you!!!
    Would you not mind giving me advice on sizing please?

    I am 36 in Pigalle 120 and Lady Lynch 120. For VPs, FiFis and Biancas I am a 36.5. 37 for Pigalle 100 and Simple Pump. I saw a 37.5 on eBay, but wondering if they are half a size too big.

    Any input would be much much appreciated.

    Thank you so much!!!
  12. Amazing collection! Congratulations!!
  13. That is really impressive. When I open the thread I thought I just came to the CL heaven. Love every single pair and love your new addition.
  14. great collection!
  15. no new update for this amazing collections?