Asha diamond stimulant owners - do your stones end up looking "dirty" easily?

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  1. HI GIRLS!

    I'm looking to purchase a pair of princess cut ashas to wear on a daily basis (even in the shower) and although I clean my earrings every two - three days, I wonder if ashas will "dull" too fast? Not cloudy dull like lower grade cz that can't be washed off, but just dirty looking dull.

    I've heard that CZs in general can look dirty very fast so I'm looking for some opinions. Thanks in advance!
  2. I didn't think Ashas were worth the money. I do own a couple, somewhere in this house, and they're only ok. But the ones I got from Wink ( look REAL, and don't look weird even if I don't clean them for a week. I don't leave mine in though overnight or to shower because my neck is too sensitive to earring stabbing. My QVC ones even look good for a week without cleaning, though the settings are cheap and kinda crappy.
  3. So you would recommend Wink over Ashas? If that's the case, then even better! Their earrings are cheaper!
  4. What color should I go for from Winks? White but believable - I'm not a fan of J type color though...
  5. I buy RG white. I think the regular colorless is fake looking and my friend has some in Chinese White. Both look realistic and not ridiculously bright.
  6. PS the "angel" is I believe the CZ Octavia. I can't believe GOG was ok with Karl allowing that to happen but...whatever. Id love for him to get Star129 fakes. Id be buying those like crazy!
  7. I'd love to get asschers but the ones Wink has are square step cuts, like with sharp corners. The Angel is pretty, I just wished it were more squarish and not rectangular looking.
  8. He can get them cut square. I think they are ordered custom to certain sizes.

    But the rounds he has many of. I think he'd have a lot of princess also.

    I guess I should note that I don't own Princess cut simulants. Only rounds and one Emerald Cut.
  9. I would rather get the smallest pair of princess cut diamonds that I can afford than ashas. Incidentally there are some on eBay right now $1, just search for princess cut diamonds and and sort it by lowest price with shipping.