Ash is selling her home....

  1. For Sale: Ashlee Simpson's House

    THURSDAY JULY 20, 2006 07:50AM EST

    Ashlee Simpson's home in Encino, Calif. Photo by: SOTHEBY'S REALTY[​IMG]
    Ashlee Simpson is moving on out – of her house, PEOPLE reports.

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    Less than a year after settling into her sprawling $6 million Encino, Calif., estate, Simpson, 21, is putting it up for sale.

    So what are the home's strong points? Ample wardrobe accommodation, for one. "The selling point for me was the closet," Simpson tells PEOPLE. "It's 1,300 square feet!"

    The home also has a pool with a view: “Mountains on one side, the city on the other." And some high-profile neighbors: "You can see my parents' house," says Simpson.

    So where is the pop star headed? Fittingly, Simpson, who dates guitarist and surfer Braxton Olita, is moving to a beach house.

    Simspon's living room Photo by: MICHAEL MCCREARY / SOTHEBY'S REALTY[​IMG]
  2. Wow, that's a beautiful house! Too bad I'm not in the market for a 6 million dollar house. :smile:
  3. Yeah... I'd love to live there...
  4. Very pretty!!
  5. that is a gorgeous house..I would love to have that size closet. That is like the average size home where I live LOL.
  6. Wow thats a pretty house! Whoever buys it should be pretty happy!
  7. Not too bad for a young girl!
  8. GORGEOUS home!:nuts:
  9. OT: But I was going went to the link Ashlee's style: Hit or Miss? and seen this pic...doesn't her head look huge

  10. pretty house....I'll take the closet!!!!!!

  11. wow, she certainly has the whole bobble-head thing going on, but she does have a nice house for someone who is only 21 years old.:yes:
  12. that is an AMAZING house...

    1300 square feet of closets??? :love: that's like filling my entire current house with clothes! :girlsigh: (sarcasm) yeah, hubby would love that... (/sarcasm)
  13. ahh id love to live in a house like that. T_T
  14. Lovely ensemble!! Oh, and the house isn't bad either! :angel:
  15. Seems she's selling the house because she's moving in with boyfriend Braxton Olita