Ash hair dye??


Dec 1, 2009
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So, I've been dying my hair for a while, always a dark brown shade, and each time it fades to a brassy-reddish brown color. I was wondering if using a dark ash brown would get rid of this reddish color? Does anyone have any experiences with ash hair dye?? Also, if I use it now with a reddish tinge to my hair would it turn my hair green? I heard ash can make your hair look green, is it true for dark shades too?? I'm so confused with hair dye tones... and I can't afford to go to a salon.. so any one have any tips/advice?!? TIA!


Dec 27, 2009
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Honestly, I can't stand ashy hair colors. My hair is naturally an ash light brown/dark blonde and I highlight/dye it. To me, it does look green after a while... but even before that, it just looks kinda blah in my experience.

I'd suggest going to a salon and getting your hair professionally done and then maintaining it in the salon... the effects will be much better than doing it yourself. (I've learned this lesson the hard way.)

I realize it is not always feasible for everyone's budget, but I think it's important to weigh the pros and cons of doing it yourself. I have a budget and I'd rather get my hair done than have Starbucks twice a week or buy that new lip gloss, etc etc. Sometimes, intrinsic value outweighs monetary value... for my hair, that is the case.


Oct 9, 2006
I would be REALLY careful with using any type of ash for home hair dye. I would honestly not recommend using any type of home hair dye with ash, unless you go to a salon, they can control the amount of ash where as with over the counter hair dye you cant, and because of all of the chemicals in over the counter dye, you run the risk of turing your hair shades of green, or grey.


Jul 24, 2006
You don't need to apply an only ash color. You can do equal parts- whatever you are using mixed with ash using half of each. Or, mix one part of the adjusting dye to three parts of your primary dye. Just make sure you stay within the same brand & product grouping.


May 27, 2006
I have reddish under tones in my hair as well. I use Clairol Perfect 10 in Light Ash Brown Instant Cocoa. They also have another darker ash brown too, both of them say on the back of the box "gives a high gloss result that will minimize the red/orange tones in your hair". Have you tried this kind before?


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Jul 15, 2009
Oh my, hair colour can be such a science!! This question really depends if you're talking about your roots (virgin) hair and/or the grown out part that has already been treated. You may have to treat both sections differently since you have naturally dark hair.

To go from your natural dark virgin hair to a nice neutral brown without reddish undertones - it's hard to say w/o seeing your hair - you may have to "lift" the virgin hair 1st with Peroxide. Then redeposit "toner" at your roots and the rest of your hair to match.

This gets pretty difficult considering what level of brunette you're starting from to where you want to be. Virgin hair level 1 or 2? Growth level 4? It really depends.

The colour spectrum theory is quite involved in determining what type of "undertone" you need to counteract the reddish or orange undertones of your hair - especially if you want a Neutral Brown. You may need a toner with "purple" undertones if your hair pulls more orange and "green" undertones if it pulls more red. And this is even difficult bc it may be altogether different on your previously treated grown out hair.

I would suggest going to a colourist, but if you need to use over the counter hair colour kits - please read over this book:

It will teach you how to colour your hair with Drugstore brand colour kits. This will help a lot!! Good Luck!! Let us know how it turns out! HTH! :biggrin:

Also, Sally Beauty Supplies may help answer some of your questions as well! They sell salon quality hair colour and have "additives" to counteract stubborn reddish undertones. The have a product called "UnRed" that you pour into the dye kit and that will add more green to take the brassiness away. Good Luck!
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Dec 1, 2009
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lowat No, I've never tried it, I've only used loreal.. its definitely something to consider, thanks!

yeliab Oh jeez! It seems like hair dye is soo much more complicated than I ever thought!! Thanks for your advice though, I really appreciate it!

Thanks to everyone who's commented, I really appreciate all points of view, I'm kind of afraid to use dark ash brown now, in case it makes my hair greenish. :s