asexual freeek eats at the bunyadi restaurant

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  1. hi everyone on this forum - new fish here - I express myself in what I call poetry but often it is far from that and very hard to understand. the poem I done yesterday was inspired by seeing to news story's which I have left links to below my poem. I had never heard of this thing "asexual" and that's why I am trying to highlight it. I think I have done the same for the restaurant in my poem as it seems lots of people will be going for this - just wondered what everyone thinks of this 1. asexual and 2. eating in the nude ?

    used the George video as it fits in brill with what I am saying.

    asexual freeek eats at the bunyadi restaurant 30.04.16

    i am news directed
    wanting to be a sponge
    sky and the bbc are always connected
    with out them rolling i would take the plunge.
    saturday morning i did share
    is it good for village posting
    or am i open to critics and bare
    will my chess-nuts get a good roasting.
    2 story's did speak
    one of which may seem rude
    is "the bunyadi" playing "freeek"
    now the other story is less crude.
    in the restaurant they wont be stripping
    sophie and george are not attending
    this part of love has skipping
    seeing your fantasy has no stimulation sending.
    but to lots it does draw
    will guests be like a martyr
    don't stand so close to me with that claw
    it will take off my chipolata.
    everyone has a peculiarity
    from people that are "asexual" to those with addiction
    don't look at me as a charity
    because my arousal is highgate village friction.

 this has info on the place you can eat in the buff and this has information on asexual and if you wanted a bit of freeek you can here not yet decided if my poem this will get into the best village in the world as it maybe a little racy for some.
  2. Interesting. Thanks for sharing. :smile:
    Have read about new London "clothing optional" restaurant, opening in June.
    30, 000 reservations made, already. Much hype.

    Here are my thoughts:

    Many people, worldwide, eat in the nude.
    It is not terribly sexy, imo.
    It is chewing food.

    Nudity is part of basic humanity.
    London adds 5-course dining & creates excitement over experience.
    Still is not sexual. Still is chewing food.
    Just with bigger price tag.
    Food better be good.

    London is cold, damp city.
    Give me wool coat & a cheap, cheerful sandwich.
    I would feel much more human, if warm. :biggrin:
  3. Cafe alfresco in more ways than one

    Clumsy waiter, hot soup

    Thats gonna leave a mark
  4. asexual

    not new

    'X' marks the spot says Kinsey

    Google is a friend
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.