Ascot tote at NM

  1. Hi I am new here so hello everyone.

    I don't have any Chloe bags, but I do have lots of the RTW and the brown strappy wedges from SS 06 (love them!) Anyway, I have a beige MJ bag, a chocolate Balenciaga twiggy, a silk Lanvin, a brown and pink Moschino Cheap and Chic, a red Dolce, and a black Burberry. I really want a new bag, and I want it to be Chloe, bc I am obsessed! Anyway, what is a good introductory bag to start with? I was saving up for a tan Paddy, until I called Ron Herman in Bevery Hills and he told me Paddys were passe and no one wore them anymore (no offense paddy lovers, which includes myself still). So what type and what color would be a good, classic investment?

    Thanks, everyone!
  2. I would say that the Silverado is a great bag to start your Chloe collection. It's a Chloe classic. I do agree that the Paddy right now is on its way out. I do think in a period of time, it will be a Chloe classic in its own time, just not right now. I think there will be a certain level of paddington exhaustion that will hit before too long.

    In terms of Silverado colors: my favorite is the chocolate, tan, and if I got the python one, I'd be in Chloe heaven. It's all with regards to the price range you're looking at. I saw a fantastic teal silverado also.