Asain Ladies...What Skincare Products Do You Use?

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  1. Since I was young my face has consistently been a nightmare. I have tried Proactiv, Murad, Neutrogena, and lately Chanel. Proactiv, Murad, and Neutrogena were so harsh that my skin dried out and little bumps started appearing all over my face. Chanel didn't dry it out and actually worked pretty well for a few months but is no longer effective. I have very uneven color skin, and zits along my chin and cheeks. They just won't stop!!! I would appreciate any help, cost is not an issue, I just need something that WORKS!!! Thank you ladies for any help.

    Also I have short hair, so maybe it has something to do with that, if so could you recommend a shampoo and conditioner that would help. In addition my back also breaks out and lately my chest, is there any body wash that works well for you ladies?
  2. Skincare: Olay (never had a need to change), keeps me looking youthful. I'm 36 and just the other day the UPS delivery guy asked for my mom and dad to sign a package so go figure! Occasionally I have zits (blame it on girl hormones) and I use Bare Escentuals RareMinerals Blemish Therapy as an overnight fix. 90% disappear by following morning.

    Makeup: Everyday Minerals (foundation/concealer/blush), a wider variety of brands for e/s and lips.

    Shampoo & conditioner: Shikai (made from Asian ingredients, very gentle, and non-irritating to scalp), get that from supermarkets and drugstores.

    Body Wash: I keep changing brands when they finish, I don't have backne so can't help you here sorry.
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    Skin Care: Olay Regenerist - SPF 15 (lathered on several times a day). I use the Regenerist serum at night. Have been using it for almost 5 years now and I love it! It's also cheap and easily purchased at your local drugstore.

    Makeup: Bare Escentuals. I don't use make up very often (three or four times a month) but this brand is wonderful! The primer has salicylic acid to control your pimples. I like looking natural so this brand is great. It is also SPF 15 so it protects you from sun exposure. I use MAC for my eye shadows but everything else is BE.

    Shampoo: Biolage shampoo and conditioner.

    Body Wash: Dove Cool Cucumber (the green one).

    Masques: Every so often (when I remember), I use Aveda's Toumaline masque.

    Pimple Control: I get a pimple once in awhile now but when I do, I use the Clean and Clear spot treatment.

    I used to have awful pimple problems as a teenager and through some of my college years so I feel your pain. I couldn't figure out why every other person had good skin! I tried Neutrogena (dried my face into a prune), Proactiv, and Clinique. Nothing worked. I drank lots of Chinese soup and tea, ate lots of veggies, swore off all fried food and still nothing. I then asked my dermatologist for contraceptive pills to control my acne and 3 months after taking them, my skin cleared up (after 8 years of acne!). You can talk to your dermatologist and see if he/she can do anything for you. Accutane may be prescribed if you have severe acne but you must sign a waiver since it causes problems if you have a baby.

    One more thing. Try switching out your pillow cases. Maybe you have oily hair and that gets onto your pillow and goes into your pores when you sleep? I usually take a bath before bed to minimize the oil and dirt.

    Hope that helps!
  4. My father is like you. It must be the youthful Asian gene (which I unfortunately did not inherit!). He's 53 and he gets carded at the liquor store.:P
  5. Drink lots of water. please check out the water club thread in my signature.
    I'm 14, so I get pimples but now I do not and my skin is significantly less oily since I started drinking lots of water. I eat little junk food now, cut out soda, etc. just trying to be healthier will benefit you.
  6. I'm half Asian, but I thought that I would chime in.

    I use Olay's Clarify and Cleanse and Caudalie face washes, and occasionally Therapy Systems. TS is pretty drying, though, so I only use it once in awhile. ProActiv was awful for me, way too drying and it only seemed to exasterbate my skin issues!

    I use Caudalie's Pulpe Vitaminee moisturizer, which is miraculous and the only moisturizer that I have found (so far, that is) that doesn't break me out but that is very hydrating. It is sold at Sephora and runs about $59.

    I also use an eye cream by Caudalie, but I have used Kinerase as well. They're both pretty good, and also both sold at Sephora. $53 and $59, respectively.

    As for your hair being a part of the problem, that may be the case. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT use Pantene products as they will clog your pores. Also, as far as your body goes, we seem to be in the same boat. I break out pretty regularly on my shoulders/chest/back (just a few at a time, though) but I seem to break out somewhat less when I consistantly use my loofah to exfoliate and Caress bodywash.

    Good luck with your search for the right products.

    Oh, and FrostedCouture is right on about drinking lots o' water. It helps a tremendous amount with normal breakouts. I just so happen to have a hormone imbalance that makes my skin very irritating.
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    Why don't you see a dermatologist who's specialize in skin of color. You can find dermatologists in your area if you live in USA via It might cost a couple hundreds dollars but it worths it.

    Speaking of facial cleanser, I'm using Glycolix with 10% glycolic acid. Glycolic acid helps dead skin cells to peel off my skin beautifully so my skin is now free of pimples. Try it, you'll love it. I love products from Topix Pharmacy which normally use by dermatologists. Their products work and cheap. good luck.
  8. lol im an Asian lady ;]

    Skincare: I used to have a really uneven skintone too, try the Keihls Bright Brightening kit. I love their stuff, it really helped even out my skin because my forehead and chin were dark from acne scars... it works! and its not very expensive.
    Right now I am currently using the Clinique Acne Solutions kit, its working for my acne... but its destroying my skin. Its really really strong and has caused my slightly dry skin to turn into nasty flaking skin. If you are considering it definitely use it sparingly.
    you should also exfoliate your face to help remove the dead skin and it will also help lighten your acne scars over time. i used benefits "honey snap out of it" AM exfoliator.

    makeup: Chanel, i live and die for their makeup. it doesnt clog my pores... i have a horrible habit of taking naps with my makeup on but it doesnt cause me to break out. and i have dry skin, but my mat lumiere liquid foundation makes my skin look flawless. I also love their double perfection compact which has great coverage, it hides and covers my acne scars wonderfully. oh and their tinted moisturizer is TDF! sooo hydrating and it smells yummy.

    shampoo: keihls tee tree oil shampoo. its really hydrating, i have dry scalp so i neeeed it ;]

    Body wash: Dove Cucumber wash. you should try the neutrogena body wash. i used it back in highschool when my gym class was making me break out on my back and chest. you should definitely use a loofa or something to exfoliate your body. get all the dead skin off and it should help you with the back acne, also be sure that your skin isnt super dry. irritation from dry skin can also cause pimples. so use a really good body lotion ;]
  9. I tried a lot of stuff.. biotherm, neutrogena etc.
    I think people say shiseido is good... skII.. I never tried it but you might wanna try it out
  10. ^ strangely shiseido makes my face itch like there is no tomorrow.
  11. Skincare: Skinmedica and gm collins

    Makeup: Jane Iredale pressed mineral powder

    Shampoo & conditioner: Bumble & Bumble shampoo and conditioner

    Body Wash: Molten Brown antioxidant body wash
  12. Not a 'lady', but a young guy here. Have used a lot of things on the market, so I hope this helps.

    Question first: where are you based?

    Skincare: I'm using this brand that can only be found in Singapore called Arcadia that's available at The Natural Skin Clinic. Natural stuff that actually works. If you want something more commercial, I recommend Decleor (The Prolagene gel works wonders!), Bliss (all of their stuff works very well. Love the Sleeping peel that prevents pigmentation, and the oxygenating mask is fabulous!!). I also use Skinceuticals (lots of prevention care), Kiehl's (their eye cream is the best) and SKII (only their facial cleanser, toner and facial clear solution. I can't use their essence for some reason - breaks me out)

    Make-up: The best I've ever come across is Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer that is natural and covers well. Their secret camouflage is divine.

    Shampoo&conditioner: Alterna, Kerastase and bumble&bumble.

    Body wash: Molton Brown, L'occitane and Kiehl's do great ones.
  13. FYI I am 28 y/o, have acne prone combination-oily skin. Uneven skin tone around the nose/mouth area, and lots of acne scars.

    I've tried almost everything short of Accutane. Proactiv to oral antibiotics to various OTC to prescription stuff. I'm doing the oil cleansing method (OCM) for the last few weeks. Google if you're interested. This is the ONLY thing that has calmed my skin down significantly (I need a couple more months to clear everything up and I'm still experimenting with my combo of oils). I still have a few breakouts but they're much smaller and heal quicker. Strangely, my usual hormonal flare ups before my period disappeared. My old marks are lightening as well. Also, my skin is super soft and moist now, so if you've tried everything like I have, do some research in it cuz I highly recommend this though it is extremely time consuming.

    Makeup: Either Bare Escentuals, Stila's SPF30 tinted moisturizer (a little too shiny/greasy for me), or MAC liquid concealer. I don't wear a lot of make up, so I'm no help in this department.

    Shampoo & conditioner: Dove shampoo and Rejoice conditioner, although I change often to avoid build up. I think Rejoice is an Asian brand although it's by Proctor and Gamble, and it gives soft silky hair. As I'm on an oil kick right now, I use extra virgin coconut oil on my hair once a week for 1+ hour before rinsing and shampooing. My hair hasn't been this soft and shiny in ages.

    Body Wash: I use Zest soap. Nothing great. I don't have much body acne, just a couple on my back, but since I don't see them, I don't worry about them too much. Exfoliating usually helps keep those down.

    I'm learning that less is more in terms of skincare.
  14. For me, the weather plays a big part. Previously, I was in a really dry weather, like Aussie and I had flawless skin. It was heaven. FYI, I've combi skin (oily), acne scar and uneven skin tone.

    But I'm currently residing in a very humid country and zits are popping out like mushrooms, not until I've used facial wash that contains amino acid. I use make ups everyday so I'll double cleanse with oil cleanser, such as Shu Uemura.

    As for shampoo, Biolage is good. Else, I'll just use Dove. I have oily scalp so I don't use conditioner but L'Oreal hair mask once a week.
  15. I'm asian and I thank mum and dad for giving me clear skin but it's sensitive and lately I've been getting dry blotches across my forehead and eyelids/ eyebrows - might be from cold winter air outside and excessive heating inside. I try and hydrate as much as possible - drinking water the key to good skin. But I use biotherm, dove, clinique, garnier and QV - it's a bit of a mix but I find that if I use just ONE brand of product becomes less effective.