As you suggested TegasMama "Sanity Saver Tips for Busy Moms!"

  1. Hello ladies,
    I got a suggestion fro "TegasMama" to start a thread about how to manage your time and house chores in a sanity saving way after I replied to "la miss"'s thread in the relationship section about being a newly wed overwhelmed by all her homemaker duties ... this way each of us can pitch in with a tip they use or heard of that would make the everyday agony less painful :tup: ... I'll start!!!

    As I said to la miss, there are two "keys for success":

    Settle into a routine
    Time manage

    1) Prepare your breakfast from the night before. Lay the cereal bowls out on the table and bring out the cereal. You can use a big plastic cover to throw over everything and in the morning you just bring out the milk! That also goes for the lunch boxes too. Lay them all out at night and stick in the cookie bag and juice box etc. Plus, prepare their lunches a few days in advance (like make three or four choices of sandwich stuffing and tupperware them in the fridge ... a good week's worth .. for instance, feta cheese with mint in one tupperware, chicken salad, shredded whatever-meat-product-you-had-that-night, meatball sandwitch etc). When you wake up, put your coffee pot on and just make the sandwitches out of whatever it is you made. Stick it in the already layed out lunchboxes and you're set! You then have time to drink your coffee as the kids gets dressed so when they are finally down for breakfast, you are already coffeed up! haha

    2) Wake up early even if you dont have kids!!! You will have more energy in the morning plus the kids/hubby are at school/work and you have more and quieter time to finish what you need to do.

    3) Plan your day before you sleep! I usually make a list of what I wana do tomorrow (buy a new blanket for so and so, pick up a package at the post office "wink wink :p", get new socks for so and so, groceries, etc) I usually also devide what I need to do throughout the day .. for instance I know I am free from 8 am to 11:30 when I have to get my kid from school .. so I see what errands can be done at that time and I write that on the list .. I am then occupied till after they are asleep so I plan the rest of teh errands at that time.

    4) Plan your meals a week in advance and buy the groceries you need for those meals. That also means you do weekly grocery shopping and not monthly .. stick that list on the fridge so everyone knows what the meal is for today .. nice way to get them home on time (yaaa! we're having pasta tonight!) ..

    5) Devide your chores over the entire week because lets face it you will NOT be able to do everything on the same day .. a schedule like this might help:

    a) Monday: boy's room + all bathrooms
    b) Tuesday: kitchen + groceries (I will tell you why these should be on the same day)
    c) Wednesday: closets + laundry (I will also tell you why these should be together)
    d) Thursday: girl's room + ironing
    e) Friday: living room (bookshelves) + toybox
    f) Saturday: your room + prepare meals in advance if you are free
    g) Sunday: prepare meals in advance and RELAX

    You should always clean out your kitchen cupboards and the fridge at least once a week or once every two weeks if you dont have kids. Throw out the old, wipe them out, line them with plastic sheets, and reorganize what got disorganized that week. While you do that make a list of all the items that you need to shop for. That is why you need to go to the grocery store on the day you clean out your kitchen so you still have a fresh memory of what it is exactly you need to buy.

    You should organize all the closets in the house on the same day you do your laundry so anything that you find stuffed in the back and needs cleaning could go in at once and anything that is clean but needs ironing could go in the ironing pile for tomorrow .. I find it extremely overwhelming to launder and iron and fold on the same day so I dont do that ..

    When its the day for cleaning a room as mentioned in the list above, it has to be THOROUGHLY cleaned! I mean AC vents, walls, under the bed, all light fixtures etc. That way you dont even need to spring clean .. its already being cleaned once a week or once every two weeks ..

    Organize everything in tupperwares!!!!!! I love those!!!!! Crayons, plastic spoons, sewing gear, etc. I also use plastic transparent containers to store sugar, tea, coffee, flour, rice, etc. That way I know when it is almost time to shop for more. I hate to use empty jars to store stuff. It just looks so untidy. Buy alot of plastic containers and tupperware to store leftovers and stuff so when you open your frideg or cupboards it looks so proffessional!! haha .. I even store winter clothes in the summer and summer clothes in the winter in huuuuge tupperwares!!!!

    Never go to sleep till you at LEAST tidy up the big stuff. Stack the magazines on the coffe table, locate and collect all the remote controls, return all the toys in the toybox, just the major stuff. So next morning you just need to vacuum and wipe the tables. Also do that with the bedrooms. After the kids are asleep just go in and fold what you can fold of the clothes, return the books on the shelves, etc. It REALLY makes a difference when you wake up to THAT instead of a pile of junk!

    hmmmm if I get any more I will post them ... do YOU have any??? :tup:
  2. Hmmm...

    My biggest tips would be more basic...

    Don't sweat the small stuff. Your house does not have to be perfect. If you throw $2 at a kid once in awhile for hot lunch, because you needed the extra 10 minutes, you're not a bad mom, etc.

    Get your kids to bed at decent hour! This would actually should be first and foremost! Studies show most kids do not get enough sleep....this impacts so much..their physical and mental health, as well as yours! Not only do the kids need their sleep, you need some evening hours do accomplish some things, have some time to yourself and gasp! maybe even some time with your husband and still get to bed at a decent hour. Here is a good link

    Share babysitting with friends...and 'sleepovers' when kids get older. At least once month, we have to no kids on a saturday night..they are at friends :graucho:. And at least once a month our house is a mad house, filled with kids...these nights are fun too, usually movie and popcorn fests, or wii tournaments.

    Have kids help with the chores...and really let them help. Kids can be a big help...and not only can it help save your sanity, it teaches them responsiblilty. Recently my mom was visiting and was appalled at the state of the dish/glass cupboard...but loading and unloading the dishwasher is the 14 year old's job...and yes, we hold him to certain standard, but quibbling over the exact place for each cup and plate is not worth the drama...the dishes are clean, we know where to find them, he did them on time and I didn't have too. Even little kids can help, let them empty the rubbish and dust..oddly little kids love to dust.
  3. 1 more, the OP mentioned this too.

    Cook in bulk. I only cook on Tue, Thur and Sunday..other weeknights are leftover nights, Saturday is take out. This schedule works especially well for me, since we have hockey Mon, Fri and Sat...what schedule works for you...make it work :smile:
  4. Tips lets see...
    ~Make time for your self to regroup
    ~dh & I take turns going out sat friday is his night so I stay home with the girls,
    saturday My night his turn,(our family is on the East coast so have to fend for ourselves).
    ~I keep a dora backpack full of extra clothing,blankets, wipes, etc.. in the trunk you never know when my one of our friends asks to keep the girls over night. we're on it!LOL
    I'll come back with more:smile:
  5. yes of course the house really doesnt have to be perfect at all .. what you cant do just leave it who cares anyway! I always tell my husband that I cant give 100% to him, 100% to the kids and 100% to the housework ... even if they help (which they do god bless their hearts including my husband they are all my helping hands and without their constant help I would have died :p) .. I told him I am in no position to give less than 100% to him or the kids so the house WILL suffer and that is what we agreed on.

    I love the idea of getting the kids to bed at a good hour .. I do this so I can study at night :smile: .. thats GREAT adivice! ...

    I dont like sleepovers (dont know why .. its just me!) so I agreed with a few of my kids friends to have weekly visits at each of our houses by turn .. and they are allowed to stay as late as it takes for the other parents to have a "date" night :smile: ..

    my family doesnt eat leftovers :sad: I just make a little of everything whenever I have a free hour and store in the freezer and just cook it when the day arrives .. what is left either gets shredded and made into sandwitches the next day for school or goes to homeless people in the street ..

    Hire help when you feel overwhelmed .. ur husband will love to have you in a good mood that day haha