As Vachetta Ages - Is There Less Worry?

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  1. of spots, wet hands, lotion, and all the other potential ills that can happen to new virgin vachetta? I love my new speedy and I want to just relax with her, but I can't relax completely because the handles are sooo gorgeous I touch them like they are very fragile! I'm even afraid I will nick them with my fingernails!

    Experts? Comments?
  2. You shouldn't worry about it too much. Get a Scotchguard water repellent coating spray for leather if you think you might go heavy duty with your bag. Otherwise just use it carefully and it will age nicely into a gorgeous patina.

    No more worries when patina is developed!
  3. I find that if i buy a used (well loved)bag I dont worry at all about it. Now buying new or ( new/used) I worry.

    I have a denim baggy/speedy that I freak out about because they were bought new, new/used. Same with my white mc speedy/BH and lockit I just worry about the weather.
    I'm sure as they slowly get used and over the years i'll relax but right now its a no!
    My popincourt/piano, pink baggy,noe I'm like no big deal at all.

    I guess that's way its nice to have a well loved one so that you just dont have to worry when there's bad weather.
  4. Eventually you'll get over it. I find that once mine is used for awhile, I'm not as anxious about it.
  5. As the vachetta gain its patina over time, the leather becomes glossier and also more resistant to water spots, stains, and dirt. I've buy used bags that don't get dirty very easily, only darker as the patina darkens. Of course, I also have new bags that are like dirt/stain magnets...but my Beverly MM, which I've had for almost 2 months is now becoming more resistant to marks on the vachetta. So yes, as the vachetta ages, there is less worry. Sometimes, that is why I prefer to buy a used bag, it's not only because I save a couple of hundred but it's also more worry free!
  6. I've got a vachetta (all of it) large drawstring bag. Sorry, don't know the name of it. I've had it for 6 looks great with a few "love" spots. Enjoy your bag, it'll be fine.
  7. Definitely less worry as the patina develops. A shiny "coating" due to use (natural body oil, other stuff) develops and makes the leather more resistant to every day dangers such as water spots & other types of yuckies.

    Have you considered putting a protectant on your vachetta? I buy all my bags new and that's the first thing I do when I get them home. That lets me enjoy my LV without 2 much worry from the get go.
  8. :yes:
  9. Vachetta is a great leather.
  10. I love the smell of vachetta. I also on top of what other people said make sure I'm not all sweaty hands and free of lotion. If I'm wearing a long sleeve shirt I like to loop it around so my skin doesn't touch it. I've been thinking of getting some scarf to protect the area too.

  11. What protectant do you use? I'm also interested in doing this now!
  12. Yes! As the time goes on for your bag, the less you worry. That's the way for me anyways.

    Another thing to realise that when time goes on, the little water spots and everything tend to blend in with the patina.
  13. Eventually with patina you will not have to worry as much about all of that stuff. It is kind of nice, but I don't like a dark patina either...
  14. I use Kiwi brand, neutral colored shoe polish. The one in the small metal pot (looks like solid, clear colored wax). It doesn't darken the vachetta and makes a nice, subtly gloss sheen on the leather. It's on all my bags. Other tpfers also do appleguarde, wilson's, etc. Everyone has their favorite ;). But a word of caution, since none of these are official LV products, get lots of info before you start and please apply in a small area first to see if you like the result. PM me if you want to know how I "process" my bags with Kiwi.
  15. I believe that the leather is lightly treated to protect it...for me I always place my handbags on a chair never on the floor, always make sure my hands are dry, store it in the dustbag and box when not being used, and of course most importantly never ever let anyone borrow your handbags! You should not worry too much these bags are made to last and my Manhattan which I have had for 3 years (my oldest bag) looks as good as new!