as usual....I'm behind the curve

  1. have the reputation points been discontinued?..I saw a thread where it seemed that people were being banned...but as usual I'm late to the party:shame: that darn time zone change..anyway just wondered...
  2. It seems that way. BTW..... where's the thread on the bannings?

  3. what are reputation points? I have been playing around here for a few months now and I never noticed them?! I was away for a week, I missed the action as well.
  4. Trust me...You dont want to know....It was fugly around here..all is well now!!!
  5. I go away for one week and miss it all!
  6. Reputation Points Have been removed.

    Lets just enjoy the Forum.
  7. I noticed they disappeared too! So theyre gone for good? Oh. . .
  8. great new pic look gorgeous!
  9. I'm confused:wacko:
  10. I wasn't around when the points were discontinued, either, and I missed all of the nastiness that went on in the other post.

    I'm glad things are back to normal.

  11. Thank you sunshine :shame:

    How was Jamaica ?? :love:
  12. We stayed at Beaches resort and met me brother and his wife, and 3 kids really was fantastic for the kids activity wise...but the service was just not good at all. Im not one to complain to management in Jamaica at all as they really do try their best and if you ever say anything negative they hang thier heads like you are beating them with a stick...It make me very uncomfortable. SO I just let it go...the guys had a hard time with that though! We would order dinner and it would not come for like 2 hours..not good with the kiddies! It was perfect weather as always. The shopping was terrible! I had much better luck in Ocho rios during our last visit. All in all it was wonderful to be with family!! My Dh and I do not have kids yet so we got a taste of what is to come!!! Thanks for asking! It is great to be home! While I was away the hot pink LV is now available...good thing I didnt buy anything on vacation after all!! AND we get the new pup tomorrow! So, pics to follow!
  13. they caused more drama than fun, so they're gone. Once the Forum settles back down to normal maybe we can convince Vlad that we want them back!
    We don't post publicly a Banned List - there's really no thread about that.
  14. Oh I'm sorry about that, Beaches does not have a reputation for being a great place to stay in Jamaica
  15. lol Just my luck too. I had JUST started to use the Rep. points last night! Until they come back (IF they come back) I just want to say -

    passerby-I-tried-to-give-you-Rep.-points-just-now-but-they're-not-here- but-if-they-were-I-wouldve-said-'I approve'-and-you're-very-sweet-and-helpful-[TAKES BREATH]-and-you're-the-first-person-I-made-a-connection-with-here-so-thank-you!!