As usual, I had my mind made up before I went to use my PCE. (reveal)

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  1. Berry Alex!

    ETA: haha, late to the party, but she is beautiful!
  2. Pretty! I love this one :smile:
  3. haha I'm a huge fan of purple so I know my purple bags a little too well!
  4. Yes! And I wouldn't have considered her, but the SA showed me the options on the straps.


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  5. That was a great choice, I don't think you can go wrong with this one!! Congrats!
  6. I have to have a shoulder bag, but I don't like long, thin straps. I'm plus size, so a lot of bags don't have enough of a drop for me.


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  7. She is a beauty!! :smile: Such a georgous color!!
  8. very nice! hope you love her!
  9. I'm thrilled! I'm crazy about my Soho hobo (avatar) in burnt orange, but I stopped carrying it after Thanksgiving last year. I feel I can carry this through early spring.

    Thanks, everyone!
  10. Love it! Enjoy
  11. She is beautiful, I think that Berry color is year-round!
  12. I agree with glazebrookgirl--this bag will be a 24/7 bag and is a BEAUTIFUL color! If my money tree had more leaves...I'd be your bag twin on this beauty!
  13. Perfection. Love it.
  14. Gorgeous! Like you, I also had my sights set on a Madison convertible Hobo for a couple of weeks but left with something different today.

    Great choice!
  15. I didn't know that was a strap option? I love the color. :love: