As they say "Chanel is timeless".....

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  1. So if you had to choose 1 bag from your own collection that would never go out of style, which would it be? Now here is the tricky part: You cannot use the classic black flap!! Pics please this will help me determine my very 1st chanel bag! I discovered since joining TPF that my very 1st consignment purchase Like 8 years ago, a Chanel Cambon IS FAKE:censor::censor:
    But now I am older:wtf: wiser:flowers: and ready for my 1st REAL CHANEL:cloud9::love::drool::drool:
    Thanks for the help ladies!
  2. It's gotta be the flap.

    Maybe the GST?
  3. OMG you poor thing - that's why I hate fakes because people get duped and that is called fraud.

    You cannot guarantee that ANY bag will not go out of style. Even the classic flap back med + GHW went out of fashion in the 1990s

    My advice is buy the CHANEL that

    1. makes your heart skip

    2. you can afford (or save up for)

    3. goes with your lifestyle.

    Lots of luck!
  4. Any color classic flap or reissue that you love. They will never go out of style.
  5. anything from the Timeless Collection is good :smile: the Clutch for sure will never be out of style, but not good as daily bag :P
  6. The GST or the PST get my vote
  7. I second someone's suggestion to choose the one that literally makes your heart skip a beat. There's no point buying if it's not a smile for you. To love it is to use it, imho.
  8. Reissue flaps are gorgeous and have a history. If you like totes the new 2.55 is lovely and good value for money

    ps sorry to hear about your fake consignment. That sucks
  9. See here is my dilemma, I usually wear simple clothes ( I love jeans and a tshirt) but to "make" my outfit I turn it up with a great bag and or fantastic shoes. I have always believed it is all about the accessories! So for me, while I do have a few black bags, they are always full of character. So the basic black flap is just not quite knockoutpunch for me. So what do I do?
    I adore this bag but I know the white will not hold up over the years and for me each bag is an investment. Any suggestions?

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  10. Moujik (can't spell) flap from the Paris-Moscow collection. It's got a really cool graphic and the colour is gorgeous. This is definately a love or hate bag but it's definately unique
  11. Hmmmmmmmm I am intrigued.. Do you have a pic of this bag or can you tell me where I can find 1? I also though as for the bag I posted if/when it does eventually get to worn to look nice I could always dye it but I think it would be heart breaking:shrugs:
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    Last edited: Jul 12, 2009
    Please don't dye it! I've heard some aweful stories plus you don't want to risk it. I can't remember where I saw the post about mijouk bag but you can do a search
  13. Reissue Flaps! I love them!
  14. Reissue Flap! especially distressed black leather w/ gold hardware
  15. A metallic reissue flap, or maybe a classic flap in a bright color (red, etc) might work!