As the vachetta ages, does your love of your bag start to diminish?

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  1. On SM there are obviously hundreds of unboxing/reviewing videos of proud LV owners showing us their bags - the majority of which are brand new with virginal vachetta or extremely lightly patina-ed for us to admire. I cannot help but notice that so many of these video bloggers seem to have many, many bags in their collections but they seem almost nervous of handling them or exposing them to the elements...

    My question is - as vachetta does obviously age, do you deliberately limit the use of your vachetta bags in order to preserve their desirability - as it seems that the lighter the vachetta the better...Is there a point where a patina is too much for you and you start to go off your bag or start to find it unattractive? Am really interested in hearing people’s opinions and - as a first time poster - sincerely apologise if there’s a thread similar to this out there.
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    I personally love the honey golden color the patina develops as it ages. I am still careful with it as far as rain and spots go but I love when it ages better then when it has that brand new virgin vachetta. What I do not like is when it is dirty vachetta. IMO there is a big difference in a bag that was lovingly allowed to tan vs a bag that is just downright dirty.
  3. I have a bag that is almost 20 years old. Multicolor noir trouville. The handles are smooth and very very dark. I never noticed it until the forum. Still doesn’t bother me. That bag has been through everything and been everywhere. Rain, snow, green beer dumped on it, etc. everything slides off.

    Azur I prefer with lighter handles.
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  4. Thank you. I suppose what I’m trying to say is that - is there a point - let’s for argument say - when the patina passes the very light honey stage and is a shade darker than that - that the bag begins to look “ used” and older and thus less desirable? Is the status of LV mirrored in the lightest of vachetta? Ie I don’t need to use my bag to the point it has started to deteriorate- because essentially the darkening of the leather equals ageing - and none of us want to go there??? I just find it all fascinating. Does the lightest of vachetta equate to youth and freshness? Do you find you do t use your bag/s as much for fear of ruining/ageing them?
  5. I love my bags and I love the honey color as they age or even the darker stage where my bags look well loved! These bags are meant to be loved and travel, they can’t stay pristine looking forever! If my bags aren’t falling apart I’m still going to use them.
  6. Quite the contrary. The beauty of this untreated leather is the way it ages and develops its own unique color and patina.
  7. I decided years ago to only purchase bags without vachetta - I just don't want to have to think about staining, weather, etc... at this point. I also feel it can "date" a piece and can make a bag look a bit grubby when it gets really dark. I wish there was another trim option/treated leather in the DA canvas as it visually doesn't work as it darkens, in my opinion.
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  8. I prefer the darker vachetta. I think it looks very luxurious
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  9. I would prefer clean vachetta but do love warm, darkened vachetta. A more aged bag makes me wonder about the history of it. Where did it come from, where has it been, who has used it... each of my bags has a history.
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  10. You’ll actually find that most people hate the light pale leather and will purposely “tan” their bags so they turn darker faster.
  11. I like the darker vachetta on mono pieces but not so much on damier azur bags.
  12. My oldest bag is only 4 years old so the vachetta is still a bit light for my liking, can’t wait for it to get darker ❤️
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  13. I am a bit "nervous" with new vachetta because I don't want actual stains and dirt on it, like looking black & grubby. But I absolutely love a nice darker Patina.
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  14. I personally really dislike the color of darkened vachetta. The color looks horrid with my skintone an it is just not to my taste, I think it looks unfresh and makes ME looks unfresh. And I do dislike the color of the monogram on the monogram bags too, the original design just is not for me colorwise I guess. I don't look good in warm colors in general.

    I do love the ebene colorway, and the azur colors are beautiful too (until the white gets very yellow), and I like the vachetta as long as it has the cooler, fresher, hue, but as soon as it gets a tad warmer I think it looks less good and less fresh.

    I might buy a azur bag some day, but I know it won't suit me as much as it gets darker, but I love the look of azur in the summertime! And I envy those who likes, and who does look good in, darkened vachetta, as for most of the bags lifetime the vachetta will have a warmer hue.
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  15. I like when the vachetta gets darker, I feel the leather is more protected after it turns.
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