As the Poppy Tartan Swings!

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  1. #1 Sep 13, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2010
    Ok, with some encouragement from Chrissy11, I am going to tell my little Coach saga from these past few days which she supported me through !

    I loved the Poppy Tartan Swing the moment I saw it on the Coach site so I went to my local store in Toronto and asked about it. My store did not have it in yet, but was told that JAX had over 3000 and that it had to be special ordered -- what did I know? I then talked to Chrissy11 and found out that she went to another store in Toronto on her recent visit and got the same bag and they had a number of them. At no time during mystore visit was I told that other locations in Toronto had the bag I wanted (granted, I never thought to ask, but still). I waited a few days to see if I would get a call, but none came. I called my store and spoke to an SA that I really don't like dealing with (my usuals were not there) and when I told her that I knew another location had them at the time I ordered, she told me that I was wrong because that would have been checked and that she could refund my order and get it from the other location, but that it would take the same time to get there as it would from JAX (??). I was not pleased about that, but I thought, okay, I will give it the 3!! days that she estimated.

    Fast forward to this Saturday -- I was in the London store (I like to get around .. LOL!) and was chatting with the SAs there (very nice, I might add) and asked if they had any of the Poppy Tartan Swings. They said they did and asked if I wanted to see one. I told them of my situation with my local store (the manager at the London store was shocked by what I was saying) and asked if they would be so kind as to call my local store on my behalf and see what was going on. I mentioned that if my store did not have it, I would like to buy it from them in London (they were willing to extend my PCE early too) and get a refund back in Toronto. Before the SA in London called, she checked the computer and lo and behold, my store had a bunch of them there!! After talking to my store, she confirmed that they would hold one for me and I was to pick it up on Sunday. They were so nice in London; they gave me their card with their names and said if I ever needed something, to just call them and they would ship it to me :smile:! They told me that they were hiring seasonally and that I should apply then and there; too bad, I live too far away and don't drive .. LOL!

    So today, before work, I was ready to go into my local store to give them a piece of my mind! I got to the store and asked for my usual SA, but she was not there yet. I noticed that there was someone else who I had dealt with in the past, so I waited to talk to her (I will call her L.). I calmly told her what had happened and how ticked I was (and I also made sure to tell her that I was surprised because normally I have such excellent service in that store and it is my favourite) about what I had to deal with in this particular situation especially bringing the store in London into the mix. I felt bad because my saga came pouring out, but it felt good to get it out to someone who I have had a really good shopping relationship with in the past. I even complained about the SA who practically dismissed me on the phone when I called to query about the Tartan situation (I felt bad, but it just all came out). Little did I know at the time that L. had become the new manager after the one, who ordered the Tartan for me, left. When I finished telling L. my story, she kept saying how sorry she was and that she couldn't believe what I went through. She said she was there yesterday when London called and knew it was me calling, but really didn't know what was going on. I told her that I did not blame her at all and that most of the people I deal with at her store are great, but I didn't understand what happened this time.

    So, L. went to the back to bring out the Swing for me and it was too cute! I LOVE the purple pockets (bag twins, Chrissy11). Yes, it is a little more pink than the Web site shows, but I still like it. We were all commenting on how cute it was and then the next thing I knew, I heard this,

    (are you ready for this?)

    "Since you had so much trouble J., I am going to give you 50% off this bag" -- I almost fainted at that point, but I thought to myself, wow, that is great customer service since I was just thinking about asking for the PCE early :smile:. I was so happy, but then, I heard this,

    (you should really be sitting down for this part!!)

    "and I will give you 50% off anything you buy in the store today". Umm, WHAT??!! OMG! YES!! It is a good thing I had a small budget to spend because I could have gone crazy!! Seriously!!

    I was originally going to get another Alexandra, but then L. said, "why don't I bring out some new stuff from the back so you can take a look and see if there is anything you like since you already have an Alex." Of course, I was game :smile:. I saw the Sophias -- the red patent is SO nice .. really, really nice! I didn't go for one of the Sophias because I would only have the option of hand-held (and I really only do that with my LV Speedy) and even if I could get past that, I was too scared to have the patent leather :sad:. The large Sophia is a good size, almost like the large Alexandra. I MUST stop thinking about it .. LOL! I also looked at the new Madison shoulder bags that are coming out . They only had the black one in, but the mahogany looked so nice that I got that one instead (and I KNOW L. will take care of me and call me .. LOL).

    I then walked around the store to see if there was anything else. As I was doing that, my regular SA, who had just started her shift, came up to me and I told her what had happened. She was STUNNED that I was told that it would take the same time to be transferred from the other store as it would from JAX. She said there is NO way it would be like that! While I was chatting with her, I noticed the Hampton Hobos again. I originally had the Cypress one with the last PCE, but then returned it because I really didn't like how that colour / material was. I saw the gorgeous Cobalt blue colour today (which I had been drooling over forever) and figured I would pick that up. I then asked if they had the new Ocelot Infinity Scarves, so I also picked up a purple one of those. As I was cashing out, L. kept saying that they do not mind helping out clients like me because they know I am faithful to the brand and that I am always in there. I jokingly mentioned that I was offered a seasonal in London and L. said that they would be hiring soon, so that I should think about it .. LOL! That would be TOO much temptation to spend all my paycheque! LOL!

    Whew! Hope I didn't bore anyone with my story :smile:! I have never posted anything this long before on TPF! Thanks for reading :smile:!!
  2. Oh my...I can only imagine what would happen if I were told I had free reign over the full price store with 50% off!! I would probably be in big trouble when I got home glad you had a great SA who was willing to make things even better than great!
  3. Wow...the damage us Coachies would do...madness, I tell you. MAD-NESS!
    I am so glad everything worked out for you! I am glad you love the tartan print...I got the satchel and it's awesome!
  4. Oh my gosH! What a great story! I'm happy that you finally got the bag you wanted and then some!! I hope you post a reveal or pics!!! :biggrin::nuts::graucho:
  5. Wow! That's amazing. Though I must say I have never heard of giving a customer 50% off for any reason -- so that is pretty incredible! I wonder how they were able to do that... If they ring it up as an employee purchase it comes off of someone's allotment. But I'm glad that you got such awesome service! And you got some great stuff to boot. :smile:
  6. Wow, that still blows my mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I had been there with you - I would have been throwing stuff at you that I wanted too. We would have cleaned that place out!!!!!!!!!! :graucho:

    I'm so happy we are bag twins on the Tartan, and so happy about your other purchases!!!!!!!

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo:
  7. So glad to hear your situation was handled well by the manager of the store, it's good to hear these stories to know that for the dedicated Coach shoppers that they really DO care!
  8. very good story, and customer service! I think they do the right thing, since it will make you go back again and again. win-win situation. If it's me, I probably would buy anything I see at the store @ that discount (OMG! 50%off). LOL.:nuts: You're really doing good on it.
    Enjoy your new bags, you don't even need you PCE now.
  9. HOLY CRAP! I have never even heard of 50% off of 1 item, nevermind everything! Is this Coach's new discount? WOWZERS
  10. Ha ha .. I still can't believe it guys! I am still in shock and I haven't even had time to play with my new treasures :smile:! I was always a loyal customer, but now, they really have me :smile:!! -- I couldn't agree with you more, Bunny (btw, BUNNY commented on my post .. how cool is that!!)

    As for PCE, there is ALWAYS a reason .. LOL! I am now re-thinking my Sophia dislike after seeing the red non-patent one (I think it was red op art) someone posted on here :smile:!

    Chrissy, you are SO right; we would have done so much damage, we would have had to hire a van to help us cart our treats away .. ha ha ha!
  11. So, assuming you picked out stuff for 50% off, got any pictures to round this fabulous story up :smile: ?
  12. /\/\ ITA.
  13. LOL! I know .. I have been so busy with back-to-school. I am working on it :smile:!!