as the new stuff rolls in in the next couple of weeks..

  1. what can't you live without?
  2. For me .... nothing yet.... anxiously awaiting the rest of the fall line when it drops in October. (of course I have only seen online so far the current new stuff....could change my mind once I see it in person)
  3. I can hardly wait to see the black and silver signature stripe bags. I think the current signature stripe bags in the khaki signature fabric are beautiful and I really wish they would have made one with a black stripe and black leather trim.
  4. I really like the embossed mini skinny in black & the breast cancer keyfob w/ a heel, purse, hat,'s so girly & pink! I might have to get those ...hopefully there is better looking bags when the new stuff arrives.
  5. Nothing yet. I'm waiting for stuff to hit the outlets. Hehe.
  6. Well I already have one of the new booktotes, but I think I need one of the embossed wristlets in bordeaux. We're going this weekend because my Mom wants the booktote in the embossed tobacco leather...

  7. If I remember correctly, the floorset for the new Legacy line will be the night of Sept. 24, so it will be out on Monday Sept. 25th.
  8. THANKS! That should work out great....I've got a meeting the next Sunday I need to travel to and one of the coach stores I go to will be close by!! (since there's not one where I live!).
  9. I'd love to get one of the pebbled leather book totes. I was carrying it around the store today, and loved it! :love: It's a bit larger than the purses I usually carry though, so I was hesitant to get it. The straps on it were the perfect length though!!