As suggested, a quick photo a some of my H Bags!!

  1. I apologize for the amateurish attempt, but I've finally figured out how to attach a photo. It depicts a few of my favorite pieces:

    35cm black box birkin with palladium hardware
    35cm rouge H box birkin with gold hardware
    39cm black togo whitebus
    37cm rouge vif clemence bolide with gold hardware
    Trousse bolide MM epsom

    Just brought my 35cm black box with gold hardware to H for cleaning and recently sold my 35cm black togo with gold hardware to fund the croc which is due to arrive in about 6 weeks.

    Happy Sunday!!
    Hermes Partial Collection.JPG
  2. Gorgeous collection!!!! and a croc coming :yahoo:
  3. Just a beautiful Hermes family!
  4. Wow! Luciana! What a lovely family photo!
  5. Beautiful collection! I have yet to own a Hermes.
  6. Beautiful collection! You have great taste!
  7. wonderful H family.. thanks for sharing with us..
  8. Beautiful, thanks for the pic~~
  9. Love them! Especially the rouge box!!!
  10. Beautiful collection of Hermes bags!
  11. Lovely collection! :nuts: Congrats on the croc, too!
  12. Love your collection, Luciana!
  13. Love you collection!! Thanks Luciana for sharing with us!

    Looking forward to meeting your "Croc" in 6 weeks!!! :yahoo::yahoo:
  14. love all your bags!!!!! They are gorgeous.
    35cm rouge H box birkin with gold hardware is my dream bag
  15. Luciana, what a beautiful collection! Thank you for sharing it with us.