As Seen on TV (or movies/videos etc.)

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  1. So years ago I spotted a Chloe Ethel on "How I Met Your Mother," and just started obsessing over it (after finally figuring out what bag it was, which took some sleuthing online as no one I knew had this bag IRL!) I was reminded of that quest this week when I saw a Balenciaga on "Nashville," and it was a "north south" style I hadn't seen before.

    Have any of you ever seen a bag on television or in a movie and just obsessed over it?
  2. Yes. I love bag spotting even if it's recognizing a bag I'm not necessarily interested in!

    The first time bag spotting turned into a purchase was several years ago when I saw a DVF Harper shoulder bag on a villain in an episode of Castle. I ended up buying the bag in 2 other colors and then selling both because I never wore them - they weren't me.

    I also lusted after several mini Chanels (and Herve Leger bandage dresses LOL!) while binge watching the first couple of seasons of Revenge. That fueled my already present lust for Chanel flaps. I tend to buy Jumbo because they hold more, I still love the breezy feeling of the mini.

    And it wasn't on the screen, but the first time I saw SJP carry her Fendi 2jours I went nuts! I lusted over that bag for a year until I realized I didn't like it nearly as much in person as I did in photos.

    Clara's red bag, doctor who episode: "hide."
    (Believe is urban outfitters old red satchel.)

    Think was drawn to POP of the red.
    Against foggy set & her dark outfit.
    Bought fossil stanton crossbody, similar red--liked, but broke/fell apart quickly.
    Tried cambridge satchel, not red--cute style, but annoying within 2 months & left.

    Missed sauciness & good luck of red bag for awhile.
    Enjoyed some pink.

    But, finally got poppy red mulberry bayswater.
    Style & color tone suited me best.
    Though not very similar, inspiration probably began with Clara bag. :biggrin:

    Still have it, still use.
    Still no sign of tardis. ;)
  4. LOL - I loved some of the bags on SATC!
  5. Everyone needs a red bag!
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