As seen in...Mono Watercolor

  1. Monogram Watercolor makes its magazine debut in the January 08 issue of Allure. I don't know about any of you, but I want one even more now and I've decided to get the white, rather than the black.
  2. any pics?
  3. Co-worker's magazine and no scanner. Sorry. Can someone else help out?
  4. Neither, but I would love to see it too!
  5. OO I really hope someone can scan this! Any idea when these are being released or the price? I really like the speedy-like bag!
  6. I can't wait to see it! Someone?
  7. According to Allure, it's $3600.

  8. omg :s
  9. I know, Bacardi Girl. My co-worker basically shoved the magazine under my nose and said, "You're going to buy this, aren't you?" She's still drooling over my miroir and mirage.
  10. I didn't like the bag at all. It looked like the printer press got messed up and to me it is just tacky looking. I know it seems like I will always get bashed for my opinions if I don't LOVE a bag. I could see the price being $1,000-$1,500. But over $3,000????? I just can't see this bag being so beautiful. It didn't take much thought to just mess the design up and to me that is not what I call a piece of art. I really feel LV is going out to just mass produce these very easy to make designs and charge big money for them. Just my opinion. For those who love the bag and get it I say enjoy because I am sure some people can rock the bag. When I posted about 2 weeks ago about this bag and asked if anyone can put up a picture of this bag I was told I took overs someone's previous post on this and they seemed a bit upset at me????? I didn't know anyone posted about it before and hope they don't get mad at you for talking about this bag... For some reason it seems very strange how people feel you are at fault if you mention something in a previous post even though you didn't know the post existed.
  11. I just got my hot little hands on the lookbook, so I'll post up what I think you're looking at in Allure. There's a a version of the watercolor speedy with exotic handles listed at $3600. BUT....there is also a regular version of the speedy with vachetta handles and that is listed at $1,185.

    I'll try and post the rest of the picts up in the Spring/Summer 2008 thread later tonight.
    speedy exotic.jpg speedy normal.jpg
  12. I think that's exactly what it is supposed to look like -- a printing press that had gone out of register. I love it, but I won't be buying it. I love the design and the frame bag. The bag in Allure has an exotic handle and trim. Very pretty, but a bit too trendy for me. I know there's a photo in this forum, because that's where I saw it. I had to go out and buy the magazine so I could see it.
  13. I'm in love with the Speedy, but at that price, I'd much rather go for an MC at a few hundred dollars more... JMHO.

  14. oooo hurry :yahoo:
  15. Hmmm. I like the exotic version a lot better. Not because of the exotic trim (I'm not a fan of exotic leathers), but because the top closure part of the bag is an interesting twist on the classic Speedy design. But I don't think I would pay $3600 for it. It's too bad they don't have a non-exotic version with the same design.