As requested, pics of tweaked pomme flat pouch

  1. I wanted to use this as a wallet alternative in my new chanel bag and the thought of putting the gold chained flat pouch inside my chanel with silver chains made me a bit itchy scratchy, I know i'm :nuts: 's!
    I decided to take the chain off and loop it back upon itself and clip it on the hook. This way I can use it when I want and easily remove it when I don't.
    just jill wanted to see the pics, so here they are...
  2. sorry about that, last pic..
  3. so is this like a wristlet now?
  4. wow! great job Mick!!! if I send you mine can you do that too? LOL...j/k

    I think I might try that...i gotta work up the courage still though...
  5. well, it always was, but now i can take the wristlet part off so it can serve as a clutch/small wallet too....does that make sense?
  6. meow - I think the only diff is that you can use it with the chain or without the chain.. so u can use it as a wristlet/clutch or wallet.

    I use mine as a wallet too, but with the chain...
  7. jill--use a flat pliers and those brass rings are really strong, so i had to pull hard to get it open:sweatdrop: was a bit scary...i do a lot of tweaking and this time i thought i'd screw it up....:push:
  8. this is a great idea!! i'd be :sweatdrop: too if i had to take the pliers to the vernis! looks so good!
  9. very cool! i like it! im sorry i didn't get a white one while i could...
  10. Very nice
  11. great idea!
  12. aaaaah. id be so scared to do that! but you were brave, and it worked out! yay
  13. Good idea. I'm do you like the flat pouch as a wallet?? Does it work well for you?
  14. kewlie!! I spy a Lexus :graucho: LOL!
  15. It's hella cute! You're a creative one, Mick! ;)