As requested, modeling pic of berry Hamptons carryall

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  1. LoVe iT!!!!
  2. The more i see this the more i love it!! You are so teeny, it looks really good on you :tup: I think i may have to get one for the fall, but i just got a wine bleeker duffle. There probably different enough in color? What do you think?
  3. For me, mostly any solid color (except a too bright or freaky-neon color!) is a neutral because I pretty much wear neutral, solid color clothes, so my bag is my pop of color. I love black and brown bags, too, and have several of each, but in the past year or so I've really branched into other color leathers and am loving them!! Even in the winter, I usually wear a solid black or brown wool coat, so everything works.
  4. I know, everyone in my family has gone except for me! What is up with that?!!
  5. Yup, the chain has a little dogleash closure and comes right off. I personally like it, but it does make a little noise when I walk. Thats ok though - with my charm braclet always on, I tend to jingle anyway!!
  6. Yea I happend to just put on a pair of berryish walking short-type pants and was like "ooh, I really match now!!" But Im not using the bag yet - I think I'll wait till fall - although its going to be hard cause I really want to take it for a spin!!

  7. Oh yes, totally different color and totally different type of bag too - you could definitely have one of each and not be duplicating yourself.
  8. I wonder if the little chain bracelet is a security purse charm. Lori Greiner has them on QVC. When you are at the supermarket, you attach the "bracelet" to the shopping cart, while its still around the strap of your handbag. That way if you step away, and someone tries to steal your bag off the cart, they can't because its attached. It looks exactly the same. Same thing if you have your handbag hanging on the back of your chair. I wonder if thats what coach intended it for.?
  9. Thanks so much for posting these pictures, looks awesome on you.
  10. Wow, that looks great on you!! I really love this bag but just wish it were tad bigger. I wish I didn't have such a long list, but I may end up getting this one or the other satchel yet! ENJOY!!
  11. I just bought this bag Saturday, and I'm in love with it. :smile: You're right, it IS super lightweight!
  12. donnalynn11,

    Could you please take a picture of the zipper closure looking straight down at it. Is the zipper closure a sweater zipper? Meaning you have to hold the 2 pieces together in order to zip it closed. Thanks.
  13. looking good!
  14. Looks great on you!
  15. :woohoo: Looks FABULOUS on you!! Thx for posting a modeling pic! :heart:'s it!!!!!!!!!