As requested -modeing pics - Gigi/Bleecker tote

Jul 25, 2007
I cant tell you guys how much I LOVE these two bags. They are such great additions to my collection. The Gigi is just that WOW bag, but yet in the black leather I wont be afraid to use it! And the patent - well I just put it on the seat of my truck and put my Diet Dr. Pepper next to it. Apparently I didnt close the bottle well and some leaked out. I took a napkin, wiped off the leather seat, wiped off the patent bag and boom, done! What a pleasure it is to carry something that I dont have to worry about! They are both very comfortable on my shoulder. Gigi is heavy but much more comfortable than the Soho satchel that I exchanged it for. So definitely :tup::tup: for these bags!!


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J'aime coeurs roses
Dec 28, 2007
glad that you got them! but i don't see any pics :sad:


i see them now...they are gorgeous!! and im glad that the patent is so easy to clean gonna have to look into getting one :yes:
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