As promised!

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  1. I can't seem to find my camera! :mad: So I've snap a couple of pics of my new Cabas with my camera phone. I know the quality isn't that good, but I promise I'll post better pics once I find that darn thing! :yes:
    Cabas_1.jpg Cabas_2.jpg Cabas_3.jpg Cabas_4.jpg Cabas_5.jpg
  2. Looks fantastic on you!!
  3. I agree it suits you very nicely... Kate moss style...! Congrats again!
  4. Congrats, it suits you well!
  5. I love it. How tall are you?
  6. Wow, it's gorgeous! Congrats!:yahoo:
  7. I love it! :heart:
  8. Im not a huge fan of the cabas at all, but in all honesty..this bag looks good on you. It fits your body well! see ya around SF hehe
  9. Yeah, how tall are you? It looks STUNNING! I'm 5'1", and I want a large one too now!
  10. Hehee...thanks!! :blush:
  11. I'm 5'5", and I love big bags!!! :yes:
  12. It looks gorgeous on you! Congrats!
  13. congrats, looks great!
  14. Looks great on you. Congrats!
  15. Congrats - gorgeous bag!!!!!!!