As Promised Spy Pics....and a Reveal!!

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  1. Okay as promised I went back to H for you ladies to take pics of a new leather bracelet that according to my SA is new. I also took some pics of other items that I have never seen before. It may or may not be new.

    Also I do not have the names of any of the items but the nonexotic leather bracelet is around $450+. The exotic one in the pic is $895. I tried it on when I was there on Tuesday and it's very nice and sleek looking. Not as big as the CDC. Now because I was there trying to look inconspicuous while using my Iphone's camera I had to shop and got myself into a little bit of trouble. I am banning myself from there for at least 3 months!!!

    Lastly I am not good at uploading pics quickly so I will leave any comments off of the reveal. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  2. Here we go. First spy pic! The gorgeous leather bracelet!

  3. Horn necklace. Is this new or not? Can someone clarify? I did not get to try this on but it's very pretty.

  4. 2nd Horn/Leather necklace.

  5. Lastly silver/leather necklace and bracelet

  6. Okay, so those are the only spy pics that I took. Everything else in the store I have seen before on this forum. I did this all for you guys since everyone is so nice on this forum! I hope you guys enjoyed the pics. :winkiss:
  7. Okay here goes the reveal. Since I just got my Birkin 2 days ago and here I am purchasing more H beauties! This forum is sooooo bad for me and my wallet.....or my husband's wallet :P
  8. Thanks for the spy pics -- they're wonderful.
  9. Great pics, thank you. The bracelet is the Kelly Dog.
  10. a.JPG
  11. b.JPG
  12. c.JPG
  13. d.JPG
  14. e.JPG
  15. f.JPG