As Promised....REVEAL!


May 7, 2008
So last week, after giving my younger cousin my speedy 30 azur, I asked many forum members if I should replace my original speedy with a new speedy or look into the LE line. The votes were basically half for the speedy azur and the other half for the Roses speedy.

I walked into the store today not really knowing what to get so my SA showed me some stuff. After an hour of looking around I came out of the store with 3 boxes, something for everyone's liking. :yahoo: I actually also order the luggage tag for my new speedy, but I wanted it heat stamped with my initials, so it's still at the store, I'll be back to pick it up next weekend, hopefully then they'll have the Roses Scarf :graucho:

Damier Azur Speedy 30
Splash Bandeau
Green Graffiti Scarf


So my brand new speedy took my older speedy's papillon bandeau while my chocolate damier took on the purple splash. LIKE IT?:P