As promised, presenting Ali!!

  1. Nope cant do it. My photos keep coming up too big to attach!!!! Help!!!
  2. do you use a photosharing site? i use you can resize the pics there.
  3. oh no! :nuts: Go to photobucket :yes:
  4. WT................ You are a big tease :graucho:
  5. lol! hurry! we're waiting!
  6. What are you opening your pictures with? If you open them in paint, you can go to stretch/skew, then input 50 - 60 in the spaces that say 100, and it will downsize the kb significantly.
  7. OK I dont know how to do this (I just got a my own camera and I cant figure out how to post photos!) I'm sorry - I have to wait until my daughter comes home after 3:00 to help me. How sad is that?!
  8. oh man!!!! Alright, we'll forgive you this time! ;)
  9. Too bad because I my star charm just came and its too cute too! I can take the photos, but I cant resize them. When my daughter sends them to me, they are sized correctly already, so I must have to change something.
  10. hmmm if you go to you can upload them and then click on resize to message board.. then you just copy and past the link to here. HTH! :tup:

  11. This is what I do... I have to go down to 30% ... My camera takes big pics!!
  12. I think Donna will be posting pics soon :biggrin:
  13. Congrats, but we want pics soon!! :biggrin: