As promised - pics of my new Epi Mandarin Speedy!

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  1. It arrived yesterday and its in perfect condition (although it does have that Mandarin "smell" that I read about). The color is just amazing - really happy with it. Also another pic of my new Batignolles which I think is adorable but maybe a touch small? Does it look too petite? Everything I carry fits in it but i'm just not 100% sure it doesn't look too small.
    mandarin1.jpg mandarin2.jpg LVBAT.jpg
  2. Very, very pretty speedy! Congratulations!!
  3. Wow, that is really pretty. I don't think the Batignolles is too small at all, I think it's a perfect size!! Enjoy!!!
  4. Lovely color. It's going to be a limited edition after they discontinue the mandarin epi line.
  5. Love the speedy! I've been questioning whether to get a mandarin speedy or noe and I still can't make up my mind. Question. what mandarin smell? I've never heard of that. Beatiful bag!
  6. i love the mandarin Speedy :love:
  7. I had read that the Mandarins have a strong smell from the dye they use. The person I bought it from also warned me about it. Its not horrible but there is definately a scent!!
  8. May we see pic's of the inside of your speedy ?

    Do you think the speedy is too small or the mono bag ?
    I think both look great, and if they hold everything you carry Enjoy!!
  9. They're a beauty!!! Grats!
  10. Here is a pic of the inside. And I was thinking the Batignolles was maybe a bit small but it really does fit all I carry.
  11. LOVE your Speedy! Enjoy! Btw, the Batignolles does not look too small.
  12. That's just beautiful! I really like the Batignolles too.
  13. Oooo it has two pockets inside.. does it have one on the other side ?
  14. SWEET!!!:love:
  15. Just the two pockets on the one side.
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