As Promised... my Mandarin Epi Soufflot

  1. Hey girls... as promised, here are some pictures of my new sparkling Mandarin Epi Soufflot!!! :yahoo: I just went to get it today... she is gorgeous! I love love love her! :heart: I really wanna give my SA a big kiss. She managed to track down this last Mandarin Soufflot in Europe for me!

    I also bought a Mono Trouville for my mom, as her BD is coming. I was thinking about Lockit, but when I see it IRL, I don't like it that much. So, end up with this one instead. Hehhee.... I think I will probably use it as much as her.:roflmfao:

    Ouh.. and I also try the Azur mini Pochette. It is TDF!!!! Really tempted... but no no no.... I am on a ban at the moment. Just got my Cerises Speedy, and a CB pochette and a vintage green Epi cluch is coming... really can't buy anymore :crybaby:

    Aren't they gorgeous??? :love:
    DSCN1096.JPG DSCN1099.JPG DSCN1100.JPG
  2. Simply stunning, congrats!
  3. It's gorgeous, congrats!! Love the family photo :heart:
  4. Congratulations! All your purchases look great! And u r such a sweet daughter - am sure ur mom will love her gift!
  5. Family portraits! Love them!:love:

    Congratulations! Enjoy!:yes: :yes:
  6. congrats! Mandarin Epi Soufflot is gorgeous!
  7. ooo congrats!!! she is beautiful and so vibrant!!! enjoy her!!1
  8. Thanks everyone... I am thinking about using her tomorrow! Fingercross that the weather will be nice.
  9. Beautiful!!!
  10. Love that color!!!
  11. i love the mandarin and the grain of the epi together!
  12. congrats! gorgeous!!
  13. Fantastic bag! The nice thing with epi is you're ok if the weather isn't so nice! :yes:
  14. very nice, congrats
  15. the mandarin is gorgeous! great find. :smile:
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