As promised,my Floral Satchel,Tan Fendi spy bag..


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Feb 16, 2006
as promised..once i got this bag,i would show it to you guys!!!Well,here it is!!!my newest collection,floral satchel,tan fendi spy bag..finally i am a spy owner!!how exciting!!i am feeling sooooo guilty right now..guilty pleasures that is..hahah..i have been indulging myself with waaaaaay too many handbags..and i'm suppose to save up for something else and not bags..yikes..and furthermore,this bag is more costly than the normal spy bag..should i return this baby or not?i love it!!!and it is starting to grow on me!!!:love: HELP!!

oh btw,fendi experts needed,is the dustbag that big for the spy bags?And also what happens if rain falls on the bag's leather??I also found the inside texture of my spy a bit paper-ish is this normal??HELP pleasee..i sound silly..but oh well..i need to learn more about the spys..thanksss guysssssss...

ps: pardon my photo skills..i'm a horrible doesn't do the bag any justice!!:Push:


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I definitely think you should keep her :biggrin: This is a lot nicer than the original spy IMO. The inside does feel a bit papery, or rough. I'm not sure about water though :sad:
favoritethingshawaii said:
Very lovely bag! I've never seen that style with the ruffles (or is called something else?)

Sorry, can't answer your Fendi questions.

the ruffles are supposed to be flowers..but i can't seems to keep them straight up..hmmmm..:wondering
Noriko said:
I definitely think you should keep her :biggrin: This is a lot nicer than the original spy IMO. The inside does feel a bit papery, or rough. I'm not sure about water though :sad: glad..thankss for the help noriko..i thought my spy had something wrong with does feel paperish..:P

does anyone know what happens if water makes contact with the bag??
beautiful bag! I contemplated between that bag and the unadorned honey spy - and opted for the unadorned (bec. I want a b bag too!). I personally think it's gorgeous - you should keep it!

I have heard that stuff can sometimes get stuck in the flowers, so she might be a bit high maintenance - but I think it's worth it. People have been treating their spys with Apple guard conditioner and water repellant - that should protect her against rain.
thanks girlss..

yeaah she's definitely growing on me and i don't want to return i think i might keep her..high-maintenance..aren't we all?heheheh...

Apple guard huh..i was just wondering will anything fatal happen to the leather if rain touches it?
SerenitySue said:
Aw, how fabulous!!! Love your new floral Spy! Keep her!!! What size is this?

thanksss for being supportive guys..thanks for spoiling me..hihi..i have no idea what size this is..i think it's 10 2/5"H x 13 1/5"W x 4 4/5"D..
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww GoRgEouS Go:huh:oo:huh:RgeOus!!!! :love:
and N:huh:o:huh:o:huh:o:huh::huh: my goodness dont return it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:Push:
just thank God u found it!! and got it!! thats what i'd do if i were u!! looool
its such a lovely color and IMO the lovliest spy ever!! :nuts:
sorry i dont have answers to ur other questions! but i wish u enjoy ur new tresure! ;)