As promised my Bleeker flap modeling pic

  1. Here she is in all of her glory (excuse the messy hair- long day at work). I love this bag :love:

  2. Looks great on you! I love the color!
  3. Wow Jenn that bag is perfect on you!!!! I bet you can't wait to start using it!!!!
  4. :yes::yes::yes: I think this will replace my Carly as my go-to bag for at least a while :love: If they haven't sent these in black to the outlet by next PCE, I think I'm going to use PCE to buy a black one- we'll have to see. Depends on what comes my way by then...
  5. Very pretty!! She fits you like a glove!!
  6. Love that bag, one of my favorites!
  7. She looks lovely on you! :tup::yes:
  8. Thank you for posting!!!

    That bag looks SO good on you!!!!
  9. Looks much does it fit?
  10. GORGEOUS and a GREAT CHOICE, I love it!!!
    CONGRATS she looks GREAT on you
  11. Quite a bit. Not as much as my Ali of course. When I switch out to her Sunday, I'll post a pic of what I put in her, k?
  12. pwetty...
  13. LOVE this bag, and the green looks great on you! It may not hold as much as Ali, but mine surprises me with how much it can carry sometimes; it is a very practical bag on top of being beautiful!
  14. Agreed. I love this bag :love:
  15. It looks perfect on you...Congrats