as promised - modeling pics for my aqua city!


should i keep aqua or wait for french blue?

  1. keep aqua - this is better color for an everyday bag

  2. wait for french blue - i can always sell FB if i don't like it and get aqua again later

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  1. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    sorry for so many pics. i sort of went camera happy! :p

    as i mentioned in my previous thread, the color is actually pretty difficult to capture because for some reason the camera doesn't seem to want to pick up any shades of green. my aqua definitely has more green tone than how it seem in the pics. i was actually hoping that i'd get a more blue one (because i'm not a green person) but i was pleasantly surprised to see how pretty the color actually is.

    i do possibly have a french blue city coming my way though (and i can't keep both!) so now i have to think real hard if i want to keep this or just wait for the FB. i think i will like the blue more than aqua but maybe aqua is more wearable as an everyday bag. what do you think?

    1. keep aqua - this would be a better color for an everyday bag.
    2. wait for french blue - i can always sell FB if i don't like it and get aqua again later.
  2. It looks gorgeous. Keep the aquamarine. It's more versatile and goes with almost everything. French blue is pretty but it's really bright, vivid blue.
  3. I actually own French Blue and love it.

    But also, from your pictures, your Aqua is gorgeous! I love that color.
  4. I think you should keep the aqua. It's a beautiful bag and you look gorgeous carrying it!
  5. I love that bag and how it looks on you. I didn't vote because I think it's a matter of color preference. Which do you like better? I think FB could also work with a lot of clothes.
  6. Keep the Aqua!!! So gorgeous!! It is a keeper!!
  7. keep it! it's such a versatile blue :yes:
  8. Keep the aqua. I love that color and it looks great on you.
  9. i've never seen french blue IRL so i don't know what i like!! :push:
  10. aqua is much better than french blue :woohoo:
  11. I love this color....looks great on you too. How tall are you if you don't mind my asking?
  12. LOVE, KEEP THE AQUA!!!!!! So we can be Aquatwins!:roflmfao: No, you should keep what you like the best but thr Aqua looks GREAT!
  13. i'm a shortie. 5'2''. :p
  14. If you have a nordstram rack by you go see their shopping bags that they put your stuff in when you check out. THe bags are the same color as FB IRL. Very bright. I noticed this while shopping w/ my fb.
  15. what a great idea! i'll cover up my bag with the Nordstrom rack bag and see how it looks on me! :idea:

    thanks. believe it or not, i'm really gonna try that. :p