as promised :) me wearing my balenciaga cafe city!! :)

  1. Hi everyone! I finally got my digital camera working
    so here are the photos as promised :heart:
    please let me know wat you think!! :yahoo:
    me and my bag 1.jpg

    me and my bag 2.jpg
  2. woww!! shes gorgeous I LOOOVE her! :nuts:
  3. Love it!:love: It suits you very well! Congrats, Fennelcake!:yes:
  4. Looks beautiful on you!!!!!!!!
  5. thanks everyone !! :yes:
    i was afraid that it would be too i guess it's okay?
    I'm thinking that it'll just take me a few more times to get used to a big bag like this..I usually carry something small like a pochette or a hobo.. hehe..
  6.'s cool and i love the cafe color and.....u look good with ur new bag....enjoy.....:smile:
  7. Look at that yummy leather.:nuts: :drool:
  8. It's big, but not too big ;)
    Looks great, congrats!
  9. It looks incredible on you!
  10. Oh no, it's not big at all on you. Looks great. I just saw cafe in person for the first time yesterday. It's so pretty. Congrats!
  11. You can totally pull off the City size...I love it on you!! How tall are you out of curiosity? I've always thought the City would be too large for me too.....hmmmm. :hrmm: Congrats and enjoy! Cafe is beautiful!
  12. fennelcake, you look gorgeous with that bag. Congrats!
  13. Thanks for sharing a photo of your lovely bag
  14. pretty! :yes:
    it looks good on you, not big at all. no worries bout that :yahoo:

  15. thanks debsmith!! no worries about the City size..if you think I can pull it off, anyone can pull it off!!
    I'm only 4"11 or 5" on a good day!!:yes: i'm such a shorty:p