as promised... lovingly used Magenta City

  1. From the auction, I was worried she was going to be in bad condition, but she's beautiful! i am going to leave her just the way she is. But i do need to use Powder's method of handle cleaning. Thanks ladies!!!!
    Magenta1.jpg Magenta2.jpg
  2. This is the nicest most perfect Bbag ever!!! I would not touch it! I am very jealous!!! SO PRETTY!!!!!!!!!:love: :love: :drool: :drool: :love: :love:

  3. oops~ I forgot to post the beautiful back!!!!!!!!:love: :love: :love:
  4. Congrats. I saw this one on eBay, was little hesitated. You got it in a great deal. So beautiful.
  5. :heart: :drool: :heart: :drool: :heart: :drool:
  6. :biggrin:
    congrats girls... she is... SOOO...PRETTY
  7. Aawwww! She's lovely the way she is. Congrats!!!!
  8. Pretty. So smoochy and yummy.:party:
  9. Gosh.. She's SOOO pretty!!

    I wouldn't touch her either! Congrats on this beauty!!
  10. Very nice. I think that PowderPuff's suggestions might help lighten up the handles a bit, but that's all it needs. Congrats!
  11. OMG:nuts: !!! "T"- it's SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!
    A million congrats...and from the way you were talking, I thought it needed a serious 12-step program. Now I see that it looks almost pristine- what a score! ENJOY!!!:yahoo:
  12. Wow...gorgeous. Congrats ya!
  13. congrats!
  14. the leather looks sooo soft...pretty bag =)
  15. WOW...your Magenta is YUM!!!