as promised...for new CDC orange croc with gold HW

  1. here are promised is my new CDC, I have worn it almost everyday since I bought it.....I really love it.
    orange1.JPG orange2.JPG orange3.JPG
  2. Oh My Gosh! GucciGal07! That is so beautiful! We need runway photos my dear! Awaken your inner model!!
  3. Oh, a total WOW!!!
  4. Peer pressure lol!!! Thanks!! I agree though - we need a full pic of it on the arm!! Thanks GG!

    Forgot to add GORGEOUS!!!
  5. thank you! I love it! I have been wearing it alot.

    I really want to buy a natural croc one like SoCal.

    also a braise strawberry croc with gold too! I love them in croc!
  6. Gorgeous!! Yes, please modeling pics!!
  7. mmmm, gorgeous
  8. that is gorgeous
  10. WOW!!!! That is some serious eye-candy!!! Congrats!!!
  11. Magnificent....Orange Croc ~ Yum!!!!! Enjoy This Beauty!!!!;)
  12. :drool::drool::drool:
  13. Very........good looking!!:woohoo: I was looking forward to seeing this gucciga, and it did not disappoint!

  14. thanks! will do some modelling pics soon....all dolled up with my CDC, a hermes bag of choice...and a SCARF.
  15. OMG Guccigal that is TDF! I bet it looks awesome on you.