As promised, DH took me to Vegas for some shopping ~pics ... come see~

  1. Some of you may remember my post regarding the suhali le fab that I bought and had to return because it was used and full of scratches ... and that hubby said he'll take me to Vegas to handpick a perfect one ... long story short ... he took me a few days ago ... and got me these ...:yahoo:
    bday1.jpg bday2.jpg
  2. Presenting ... Ms. Suhali Lockit, Ms. Mahina:love: and Ms. Pochette
  3. I know it's not the le fab:sad: ... but OMG! I fell hard for the mahina:love: ... and she's not that big ... I can still find my stuff in there ... and I love the chocolate lining ... so scrumptious!
    bday5.jpg bday6.jpg bday7.jpg bday8.jpg
  4. congrats!!! love everything!!! specially the mahina!!
  5. Stunning bag, congrat's on your purchases.
  6. Of course I still had to get something from the suhali line ... and I wanted to get a le fab:yes:, I really did! But cute little Ms. Lockit ~ the temptress that she is ~ called to me and said ... "take me home, take me home!" What can I do, she was so cute!
    bday13.jpg bday14.jpg bday15.jpg bday16.jpg bday17.jpg
  7. Ohhhhh... so happy for you!!! Congrats on your purchase.... they are all awesome !!! Really love the mahina... so sexy and squisshhhhyyy...
  8. I love all your "stuff".
    Don't you just love shopping!
    Reading your post makes me want to go and do it myself -right now :smile:
  9. omg, I love the mahina, looks so yummy
  10. woah!! u know how to shop, seriously!!!! CONGRATS!!! don't u just love vegas??
  11. So then of course I had to have a wallet that imo would go nicely with both bags ... I looked at the amelia to match the mahina - didn't quite like the style ... I looked at the suhali pti - not enough cc slots (only 4). So I ended up with Ms. Pochette in Pomme Vernis ... I love that color ... :love:

    And while looking around at all the LV's in Vegas, I also saw the mahina in both blue and black denim, their matching wallets the amelia, the new trunks and bags zipped wallet that can be carried as a clutch. They had the griet in mc, suhali gold, silver and blue lockits, gold and silver zippy's. I also saw the griet in mirage ... great bag, but for some reason that one felt big to me.
    bday4.jpg bday9.jpg bday10.jpg bday11.jpg bday12.jpg
  12. Wow! Must've been fun getting your new goodies!! Congrats...lovin' the Mahina!!
  13. Very nice.... I held that Black Suhali Lockit last Friday in Boston - DH was ready to take the plunge, but we need kitchen countertops, so I settled for a Amarante Zippy and Damier 6 Key Holder.

    Enjoy those beautiful bags!
  14. wowza love all your new stuff! Congrats!
  15. Sorry for the yucky mirror ... but just had to share my new love ... I guess I should have taken the stuffing out so the mahina didn't look so bulky. I just love her to bits!

    Hubby also got me a Balenciaga first in violet, but I'll be posting that over there.
    That's all the pics for now, thank you for letting me share my excitement! You guys are the best!:yahoo:
    bday18.jpg bday19.jpg bday20.jpg bday21.jpg