As promised, a BIG reveal of my V-day outlet haul!

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  1. I'm here!!:P
  2. Well, I'm here and would love to see what ya got:tup:
  3. I'm ready!
  4. I am ready
  5. Ready!
  6. made it to a live one!
  7. let's see
  8. :popcorn:
  9. Present!
  10. Bring it on!!!
  11. I'll start with the small stuff...and there's no teasing - just straight to the goods! :nuts:

    First up...jewel mini skinnys in teal and silver! My outlet had a TON of the pink ones, but only one of each of these! My favourite SA brought them out for me :yahoo:I LOVE these as card/receipt holders!

  12. Let's see.
  13. Nice! I know those look better than they do in that lighting, gorgeous!
  14. Love the jewel skinnys!