as promise, Using a Necklace and Scarf for a top

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  1. okay here are pics.

    I think any necklace will do....just experiment! are the steps.

    1. put the necklace you want to use on....

    2. take opposite ends of the scarf

    3. bring one end behind the necklace

    4. bring the end behind the necklace together with the opposite end not behind the scarf

    5. tie a double knot..and leave 1.5-2 inches above the knot to tuck in

    6. tuck in the knot behind the necklace

    7. take the ends not in a knot and tie behind back

    here is the finished product

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  2. here is the knot you can see I left some room so it can tuck in...

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  3. Lovely, thank you.
  4. I've always liked that look, I can't pull it off too well though. Cute on you!
  5. here is the knot tucked in

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  6. and here is when you bring the untied sides apart...

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  7. definitely for the bold...i saw this on display last time i was in H, but i think it's best left for store windows.
  8. and I just wear a tube top under give some length...
  9. That looks amazing! And thanks for the extra pictures, I was having a hard time with the "tuck in the knot" :rolleyes: I thought it would look bulky but it doesn't, it just looks great.
  10. you look fabulous!:tup: thanks for sharing:heart:
  11. guccigal, thank you for your step-by-step instructions and procedural pictures along with them. You're so sweet and helpful.

    And you look very chic! :heart:
  12. I hope you enjoy the look as much as me. I using a necklace because it gives you more length...

    I bought tube tops from banana republic online that are really really great....

    enjoy it and post some in action pics when you wear it!

    I am going to wear it out tomorrow. knot (haha) sure which scarf yet...but def this look.
  13. was this meant to be rude? I am taking a little offense to this...let me know if I am wrong.

  14. didn't mean to be rude in the least bit!

    i just think the look is a little scanty for ME for every day wear. maybe vacations, but not something i'd be able to do with my scarves just doesn't fit my lifestyle is all.

    as everyone has said, it really suits you.
  15. okay that is all I wanted to know! thanks!

    tube tops really help the nakedness. my husband came in and saw it and loves it...and he normally doesn't like stuff like this!