As my promise to "Crazy Bag" , here are the modelling pics of MC trouville!!

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  1. Not many photos to be shown for you guys here, and hope you are not bored by my MC trouville yet...:sweatdrop:

    my going to be 2 year old daugher has a bad fall when her grandpa too her out for a morning walk yesterday. Poor baby , she is having a running nose but still insist taking the bag for my camera shooting. :smile:


    the interior of the bag ....:heart: i absolutely love it because it is so soft inside.


    and lastly a modelling pic by myself...:shame: and oops i forgot to switch on the light and that time was still very early in the morning. :sweatdrop:

  2. Yay!!!....Yup I am here, I am here waiting patiently ;)

    Thanks for the pictures. Dark but definitely visible. It looks so pretty on you. O poor baby son is also two years too and he is definitely 'too' helpful at this age. She looks so sweet carrying you bag and you can pass this pretty bag to her when she is older too. Congrats!
  3. Nice pics. I bought this bag awhile ago and still love it.:tup:
  4. It's adorable !!! Love it

  5. thank you for your compliment! :heart: arent children at this age cute and adorable? I will definitely take good care of my bags and have them passed down to my girls when they grwo up. :yes:
  6. Thank you to slayer and Redenkeew, you all so sweeeet !!!:heart:
  7. Your daughter is sooo cute! :heart::heart::heart:
    I love your bag too :drool: - makes me want something in black MC now.
  8. Aww your daughter is so adorable and models your beautiful bag so well. :tup:
  9. Your daughter is adorable!! :smile: I love your bag, the colors look so pretty & vibrant!
  10. :tup::tup: What a beautiful bag.....congrats!!!!! Looks great on you! Uh-oh, is your sweet baby a LV addict in the making.....!!!
  11. Ooh I love it! Congrats!
  12. OOOH, what a gorgeous bag. You don't see many multicolor bags, I think they're so pretty. I bought one on e-bay this week and I can't wait to receive it. How much did that cost?
  13. What a wonderful bag! And a great model for it as well!!!
  14. Sorry about your daughter's boo boo :crybaby:but she's holding one heck of a gorgeous bag!
  15. Your baby is adorable and your bag is beautiful! congrats!