As much toki as possible with ONE week in LA!!

  1. Hi Everyone!!

    My DH got two job interviews in Los Angeles next week, and I’m tagging along! Hopefully they’ll be successful and we’ll actually get to move there soon!!

    Here’s where I need help! I’m only going to be there a little less than a week and I want to see and touch as much toki as possible!!! :love:

    I’ve got to make the most of my time!! I’ve never seen toki displays person!! So the only toki I've seen I bought online or via charge send! :sad:

    What places do you recommend? From an online search I found a Lesportsac store at the Beverly Center. Is this the best place to go?

    I DO have a Macy’s card! Is the Macy’s in LA selling their older prints to make room for Spiaggia? I :heart: toki sales!!

    Oh, and I’d like to look at some Qees from Toy2R as well! I really hope my DH gets one of these jobs!! :push:
  2. Don't forget to go to JapanLA!!
  3. Isn't there a Happy Six in LA? What about Shoposhun? I have no clue where these places are, I just keep hearing about them :sneaky:
  4. Ooo, you're going to have a meltdown (or at least melt your credit card) when you go to JapanLA!

    Hee hee hee
  5. Where in LA are you staying?
    JapanLA is kinda West LA and Oshun is in Arcadia which is about 30 miles East of LA.
  6. I'm staying with the in-laws and they live near Korean Town. Not sure what part of LA that is.:confused1:

    But my in-laws are amazing and would likely take me wherever I'd want to go.
  7. Hi xianpububbles -
    I would recommend the following three places because they are all within a reasonable distance from each other (a few miles at most), they are maybe 15 minutes from Koreatown, and they all tend to be well-stocked with Tokidoki :smile:

    - Beverly Center (it has a Lesportsac store, Macys (I got a cute Inferno bella on sale here last month), Up Against the Wall (I think they only have Tokidoki shirts there, though, correct me if I'm wrong), and there is a Loehmann's closeby (but not sure if this location stocks Tokidoki));
    - The Grove (Nordstrom) -- is maybe one mile from the Beverly Center, their Tokidoki stuff tends not to be on sale though;
    - JapanLA (Melrose/Fuller): like everyone here says, they stock tons of cute Tokidoki shirts, jewelry, watches, and have a solid selection of bags. I have the best luck (and buy the most stuff, haha) here.

    Happy shopping :smile: I hope you find some good stuff.
  8. PS: I forgot to mention Kidrobot in Santa Monica (not in this shopping radius, but probably still worth a trip... and by the beach!)
  9. best of luck to your DH! and I hope you find your tokis :biggrin:
  10. Thanks so much for the information, everyone! :flowers:

    JessakaMitz, gyant, dietcoke - I'll definitely check out the major malls and Japan! Kidrobot looks like so much fun! I've never been able to pick out print placement in person!! :nuts:

    Frogbubbles - I'm not expecting to buy too much, since we might have moving costs soon. But if the perfect bag presents itself at the right price, how can I resist?! :graucho:

    malleficent - I love your avatar! I already have two little dogs myself, but that kitty makes me want to add to the family!

    vmasterz - Thanks for the wishes, my DH's reply "you talk about me on your PURSE forum?!" LoL. :lol:
  11. Def hit JapanLA, Urban Outfitters and Monkey King on Melrose. MK carries some toys but not really alot, worth a peek in there though.

    The UP Against the Wall in Bev Center doesn't carry toki bags, just clothes. I was at Lesportsac there today and they had TONS AND TONS of spiaggia. Also that macys had tons of pirata, some amore and some adios (no sale stuff though), this bloomies doesn't carry toki.

    IF you go about 5 miles south to the Century City mall, they have another macys there and also a bloomies that does carry toki.

    Nordstrom at the Grove has very little toki stuff right now, mostly just denaros. IMO, not worth the trip.
  12. If you venture further west, I'd check out Happy Six on Sawtelle and then if you want some Tokidoki toys, they have them at Giant Robot which is about a block up the street. They're both on Sawtelle which is like the little little Tokyo of LA.
  13. Just to add, Happy Six is a little store, but last time was there was basically all Tokidoki in the middle of the store and in the window. They also have the onesies, some T-shirts and other cute clothes and shoes.

    If you go that way, the macy's and Nordstrom at the Westside Pavillion had some Tokidoki's. The macy's had a ton of amore stuff a few weeks ago, but I haven't been there since. Also, in the same mall there's an anime store on the second floor that has Tokidoki T-shirts and toys.

    The Cusp at Century City, which spacytracy mentioned also had some Tokidoki stuff last time I was there.

    Happy shopping!
  14. :welcome: ....:lol:
  15. this location actully moved onto melrose ave :x

    aside from kid robot.. maybe munky king (or monkey king.. forgot the spelling) on melrose might have some tokidoki toys.. aaaah.. i forgot the store names but i passed by two stores once that had tokidoki apparel :biggrin: