as most of you ladies know...

  1. Very cute! Leather looks luscious! Why do you think you want to cheat?
  2. ...i dont know. theres just something about that givenchy that i love. i saw a picture of nicole richie with the bag, and it looks like it wears well.

    no matter what, ill always go back to marc - hes my first love. :sweatdrop:
  3. So that's the bag I've seen Nicole using!! I liked it so much when I saw it on her. I wish Barneys would show the other colors. What color are you thinking about?

    Marc is my first love too but I cheat (often) on him. I have several LV's, recently bought a L.A.M.B. bag and would love to eventually get other brands too like YSL, Dior, etc. It's okay with me if you cheat a little! :p
  4. AH, the Nightingale. I love Givenchy, and this has been a hot bag for them lately. Do a search in the general "Handbags & Purses" subforum and you'll find some threads. :yes: Several tPFers own that bag.
  5. It's an adorable bag. I think it looks great with the detachable strap attached. It's sort of a cross between an older Chanel style and a Balenciaga - you can't go wrong with that! I wish I could see it in other colors.
  6. it's a beautiful bag!!
  7. if i buy the bag, it will more than likely be brown/chocolate. although i like the gold metalic too. decisions, decisions...
  8. I like it!
  9. I love the Nightingale! If ever there was a reason to "cheat" this bag is a great one! I have several Balenciaga and other designer bags, too. I think it's ok to have a diverse collection! =)
  10. I found a stock photo of it in white/off-white at least.

  11. I think it's beautiful! Very classy and understated, yet modern. I love the double straps too.
  12. Very, very nice. Thats the kind of purchase that you never regret because bag is so classic...
  13. I really like it! I just wish I could see the aubergine color...
  14. I wanted to see aubergine too. What a beautiful bag!

    By the way, I wouldn't consider LV cheating on MJ.