As luck would have it...

  1. I finally purchased a b-bag (cornflower first) and guess what? The transmission in my car decided to die. Estimated cost to fix is $3,500. Geeeeez!!!! I'm an elementary teacher totally addicted to style and am now torn between being sensible (list the bag to sell the minute it arrives) and indulgent (keep the dream bag). My husband and I have a joint account and I have my own, to spend as I choose from the money I make (which is where the funds for the bag came from). But I feel really selfish now with such a high-end purchase. Any words of wisdom?
  2. Aw, I'm so sorry to hear this, TTucker. :sad: If you can afford to keep the bag *and* pay the transmission, I say keep your dream bag. You aren't being selfish if you can afford it. But, if you won't be able to fix your car unless you sell your bag, then sadly, I would suggest that you sell it. There will be another bbag for you later. If you like blues, the upcoming Blue India/Blue Grey looks very pretty. :yes:
  3. ttucker, these are my thoughts- will you and your hubby be able to fix the car without you having to sell your bag? if so, if it is your money that you earned, i don't see any problem with keeping it.

    personally, as long as main priorities are taken care of and they're not digging themselves into debt, i think people should be allowed to spend $ on themselves as they see fit.

    if your conscience will continue to bother you though, sell the bag- a handbag isn't worth the emotional struggle in the grand scheme of things! (i try to repeat this mantra to myself though it doesn't always work...:shame:smile:
  4. I agree with PupsterPurse and Jennifer .... if you can afford to keep the bag I say keep it and enjoy it. This is what we work so hard for .... little pleasures in life. However, if keeping it will cause a hardship for you then I say return it or sell it.
  5. yeppers, i agree with Kat, pup & *jennifer*, best of luck to you :tender:
  6. You all have really good points... I think I'm just shell-shocked right now because of the high cost to repair my car. We can afford both, but I feel a lot of guilt getting a bag 1/3 the price of the repairs. But on the other hand, the cornflower first is my dream lover! :love:

    I don't have to make a decision right now anyway (because parting with the bag will be so easy once it's in my hands!:roflmfao: yeah right)

    I think you guys put in in perspective for me though. Thanks for that! I'm new here and am already a big fan of tPF!
  7. aww... big hugs to you TTucker.... :crybaby: We're in the same boat here. just two days ago I was planning to buy a b-bag however my mobile phone went down to my toilet bowl, and I had to buy a new one. While I can technically still afford to buy a b-bag (barely), i just felt so guilty about spending all those money after making that mistake due to my carelessness..
  8. If you aren't going to get another bag for a while I say keep it. You said you can afford it, but you feel guilty. You love it and you're not going into debt keeping it. Just keep that bag since you love it so much and not buy anymore bags (I know it's hard to do) until you feel you've earned another bag.

    Welcome to the PF by the way!
  9. Yes Welcome to the PF....I agree with everyone else here, if you can
    afford to do both, and by the way it sounds like you don't do a lot of
    expensive purchasing for yourself? then I would treat yourself and keep
    the bag, especially since it is your dream bag. You will get alot of use out of it, and it will bring a smile to your face everyday!
  10. Thanks so much all... seriously, you made me feel so much better. I think I just needed a little Balenciaga-inspired perspective :tender:

    I'll post pics when my new baby arrives!
  11. Hey fellow elementary teacher! I say that if you can pull it off, keep the bag. There is nothing wrong with treating yourself to something nice, it is not selfish at all. We have a hard job, we deserve it one in a while, right?? :yes: