As long as we're on the diaper bag kick - Mia Bossi Reese?

  1. Besides Alouette, whom I've already PM'ed about it, has anyone tried the Mia Bossi Reese bag, or the Caryn? In particular, I'm interested in how heavy it is when empty and if the size seems good. I'm hoping to exclusively breastfeed for at least 6 mos (will see how it works when I go back to work after that), but figure I'll still need room for wipes, diapers, change of clothes, etc etc., and for a bottle when DH has baby on his own.

    I got the Marc by Marc Jacobs bag that ILuvMyHusband has, and I'm debating whether I want to keep it. While I love :love: how it looks, it seems pretty heavy to me. I think I've been spoiled by carrying nice light Balenciaga bags. I need to try it out a bit more, but now I'm wondering about the Mia Bossis.

    Clearly, I'm channeling all the shopping I'd usually do for myself into shopping for nursery and baby-related stuff.
  2. im def getting the chaiken mommy bag=) check it out!
  3. ^^ Thanks! I looked it up, and I'm having a hard time finding anywhere that has more than the one photo of it. Have you found anywhere that shows the inside or has more detailed photos? Sadly, it also seems to be sold out everywhere in black...
  4. The Chaiken looks great. I love the navy.
    Kimberf did you get the MJ in black with silver hardware from Neimans?
    How heavy is it?
  5. I did get the black with silver. I'll try to weigh it tonight on my kitchen scale (not sure it will fit enough to be accurate, but I'll give it a whirl.) I'm sure it's just a couple of pounds, but then I think about filling it with stuff, and it makes me a little worried.
  6. OK, I did my best to weigh the MJ bag on my kitchen scale. It's a bit tricky since the scale platform is quite a bit smaller than the bag, but as best as I can tell, it's close to 4.5 lbs. empty (around 4.6 oz.)
  7. I had the Mia Bossi Caryn in Snowpatch and it was pretty close to being a perfect bag. The ONLY thing it didn't have for me was that it didn't have a way to carry it on the stroller and that is a must for me.

    I know several people who have had the Reese and LOVE it, but it's a big bag, but BEAUTIFUL. I know for several people thought the strap was too long, but the company is really good about punching an extra hole for you and I "think" they may have fixed that.

    I don't knwo about the leather bags, but the snowpatch was a lighter bag. I'm with you, those bags get HEAVY, you don't want a heavy bag to start out with.

    I breastfed exclusively for nearly 1 year (not by my choice but baby's) and while you don't need to carry milk, you do need other things - a baby carrier, change of clothes, burp clothes, diapers, wipes, toys/teethers, pacifiers, etc. Later, while you don't need the baby sling or burp cloths, you now need food and snacks and books and drinks. You will ALWAYS need a bigger bag for longer outings, and then probably a smaller bag for quick trips.
  8. Definately a bit on the heavy side! But my everday bags are Fendi Spys so, opposite of you, I'm used to the heavy bags. But I hear ya on that, going from the light weight of Balenciaga to a heavy bag PLUS baby gear and a baby could be a little much to be comfortable with!

    And I completely agree on the channeling the "you" shopping for "baby"! I feel the same way. I'm baby crazy. The time I used to spend going on all the websites shopping for me is now spent on sites with baby items. And I refuse to buy Vogue and such because I don't want to see the fabulous clothes that I cannot fit into!!
  9. I think I am going to go for the MJ, despite the weight.
  10. The MJ is definitely stylish! I'm still debating. I figure once I have the baby, my arms will tone up from carrying him around all the time, so it won't seem so heavy.:p I got a Not Rational, and the leather is really nice and soft, and it's pretty light, so I'll definitely try that. I've heard the Mia Bossi is pretty light as well (I actually called them to ask, and they said it's one of their lightest.) I may watch for a good deal on one and get one of those as well, since it's not like I'm buying clothes...more channeling of the shopping energy...
  11. I would NEVER order another thing from Mia Bossi - absolute worst customer service ever. My husband ordered me a bag for Christmas and was repeatedly told that it was in the mail, although it wasn’t actually sent until December 23rd. Janet guaranteed that it would be here for Christmas or a full refund. Well, the bag didn’t arrive due to weather (which we can understand but not that it was a week late getting in the mail!) and then she wanted us to pay the shipping back before we would get the refund - unbelievable and all but ruined our Christmas.
  12. Funny, I ordered the Reese from Nordstrom but returned it. It wasn't heavy. The hardware bugged me. I am not sure why right now.
  13. im starting to wonder if there IS a perfect diaper bag??!!!! not happy with any ive gotten thus far!
  14. I also got the Reese and didn't keep it. My problem was that I wanted the Bronze, or thought I did. Then when I got it, I thought it was gross and stiff and almost plasticky.

    Jill, try the Not Rational Hansel bag (but not in metallic bronze. I tried theirs too and also hated the color/leather.) They have great leather (in non metallics), and I LOVE all the outside pockets. I use them way more than internal organizer pockets.