As-is Barlow large zip bag

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  1. Hi! I so want this bag. I can't afford five hundred dollars, and that's a heck of a price,but I'm thinking as is in elephant.i will try to jump on it if I see it. Has anyone gotten a as-is in this bag and loved it?
    Qvc item number is a-272205.
    Even the outlets are only 30 percent off,so it works out about the same.
  2. Do you mean the florentine one? There is a black one right now....
  3. Hi. Yes I see the black one but what happened to the ex pays? They are gon
    Thank you
  4. There is always a chance that you're going to get a used one or one that has issues maybe with texture. Sometimes you can get a perfect bag with straps still wrapped. The good thing is you can return it and just be out the shipping. There aren't always easy pays with as is. They seem to be doing them more now though. Good luck!