As I am sitting here eating, I got to wondering....

  1. I am sitting here, in front of the computer screen eating my breakfast. My SO says Im pitiful lol! So I thought I'd as the question..where do YOU eat?? Please say you're guilty of eating in front of the computer screen too! :push:

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  2. I eat everywhere! Me and so went to the grocery store monday night and i was eating while we were still shopping! The bed, the computer, car, etc... your not alone lol
  3. Don't worry, I do it too... ;)
  4. I just inhaled 2 pieces of toast, yogurt and fruit. there are crumbs all over my keyboard.:shame:
  5. I often eat in front of the computer (I just finished my lunch at my desk with all sorts of things (including tpf) open). I also do it at home. Especially when i work from home.
  6. Everywhere but at the table where I should!
  7. I eat in front of the PF more often than not!! Its my FAV thing to do really!! I get my plate and read away...You all have been my dinner companion more than you know!
  8. Guilty!
    I've eaten in front of the computer screen many times and most of the time I'm on TPF!
  9. I'm so guilty of that! And I agree with SouthernGal! I eat EVERYWHERE. Funny is that it's rarely in the kitchen! =D
  10. LOL...eating right now.
  11. Just ate a bowl of cereal right here!!!
  12. we bought a really nice kitchen table and I always eat at the computer table unless the DH is home for a meal (which is practically never).

  13. LOL You should see MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :push:
  14. I eat in front of my computer ALL the time!! Usually dinner because I work until 10 pm and my mom has already eaten dinner.
  15. Well, I usually never get to eat breakfast at home because I have to get to work soo early, so I usually just grab a starbucks or a 711. But on a saturday I usually eat breakfast in front of TPF:roflmfao: