As anyone ordered anything from Label360?

  1. I ordered a handbag from label360 on Thursday morning and still have not received confirmation of shipment. Has anyone ever had this issue with label360.......where it took days before confirmation was sent.

    Just wondering......any help would be great. TIA
  2. Does anybody know or have any suggestions??? TIA
  3. You should e-mail customer service. They were very responsive when I placed an order with them.
  4. I ordered a couple of tshirts some months back. The shipping wasn't super-fast but it wasn't slow either. And one of the tee's was backordered and customer service was really good about emailing me and updating me on the status.
  5. Thanks for the advice. I just emailed them. What worries me it that I never received any emails from them at all. The item is not listed on their website; due to the fact that it is sold out. To top it all off.......the charge that was on my card is no longer there. That is why I'm so concerned; because I really wanted this handbag.
  6. Their CS is actually pretty good. I've ordered several bags from them and if it's not in stock, the shipping's kind of slow, but they'd email updates to me. Just call them; they're good about answering questions.
  7. I ordered a handbag Friday. I didn't receive a confirmation email either so I called. The rep said it didn't show because I used paypal. She said she saw the order and shipping is fed-ex two days.
  8. Oh no, JARMOM is this the Morning After Mini? I hope everything went ok. You can still try They probably wont give you as good a deal as label360, but you can try...
    I have my fingers crossed for you.
  9. I ordered many things and one was out of stock. Once I told them it was ok to ship everything else, the package came in 3 days from that day. Super fast shipping!
  10. Yes the very same one. I emailed customer service.......just waiting on a reply. I really can't do anything at this point; because it was on my CC and now its not showing. So it would be my luck that I would order one from somewhere else and then label360 would hit my CC for the one I ordered last Thursday. I'll just have to wait for an answer from them first.

    Thanks for your concern. When do you get yours???
  11. Supposed to arrive on the 26th. It was shipped from CA, San Pablo if I remember correctly...on it's way to Jacksonville, FL then down to me. I was too cheap to pay for faster shipping.

    When did you order yours again? I just dug through my email and they (label360) told me on Thursday that they were sold out. I have the chicks email address directly. I will PM it to you. Maybe emailing someone direct will get a faster response.

  12. YOU ROCK.......MISSTISS!!!

    I emailed the lady you suggested and this is what she had to say.......

    Hi there

    Your order is being shipped out today and you should receive a tracking
    number today as well. :yahoo::woohoo:


    Danielle Kaitz

    F. Y. I. I had ordered mine on Thursday @ 8:20 a.m. Well I didn't pay for faster shipping either. You live in the south too.......I live in Louisiana.
  13. Awesome JARMOM! WOW! So glad it's coming. Sounds like you got one of the last ones...

    Florida. Not technically "the" south...but down from JAX anyway. <giggle>.
  14. Jarmom - I am so happy it worked out for you and you are getting your bag. I am still hoping everything is okay with my order. I will find out tomorrow.