As a tourist in US.. do we have to pay local state tax for our things we purchase???

  1. If we shop in Nordstrom/sak/ we pay only retail px without the tax...or pay tax up front first...& claim back the tax at the airport when departing??
    In Paris,..we have to fill up a de-tax the boutique & submit a copy of this at the airport b4 leaving the country. (normally take abt 2 months in credit card)
    What is the minimum amount to spend to claim the back the tax??? Hope u girls in US can help...tks in advance.

  2. If you go to the Customer Service area they will give you a coupon that allows you to buy things without tax. HTH
  3. Don't quote me on this, but I think you do pay and get it back when you go to the airport. I'm just assuming, but I would do what Cal said and ask customer service.
  4. As far as I know, I don't think there is a tax refund policy in the US.
    That means everyone has to pay for the taxes when you make purchases unless you are visiting a tax-free state.
    Or maybe dept. stores can issue you a visitor discount to avoid taxes?

    Sorry that I am not pretty sure, please correct me if I am wrong! :p
  5. ^^^yup, i have been going to the U.S. for a long time and have never heard of a tax refund :sad:
  6. Bloomingdales definitely has this tax-free coupon for tourists, valid for the entire day and Nordstroms do too (it was either Nordies or NM). I didn't shop at the other department stores so don't know if they have a similar programme (would assume so), just make sure to take some ID with you. Have a great time!
  7. You pay tax on everything unless it's a tax free/exempt item. Like in NJ there's no tax on clothing, shoes
  8. You pay taxes and you can get them back. You have may have to spend more than a certain amount of dlls in the same store then go to their customer service dept and check what information or where to go to get your taxes back.
    I dont know about stores not charging for taxes if you go to their customer dept first. But if you find out would you let us know?
  9. Tks to all especially Cal...

    My hubby..would be doing the shopping for me (in Seattle..only 1 day for shopping...but he told me upon arrival on Sunday...the vendors had already arranged meeting at Sun 2pm (US time)...hope he can finish on time...b'cos Nords closing time on Sun is 7pm...sigh...
    darn it...

    But appreciate all yr replies...have a nice day ahead...*hugs*
  10. Does Saks do a tax-free coupon thing too?

    It would be ridiculous if tourists had to pay tax. But I always thought you get your money back through refund. This coupon idea is ingenious!
  11. I don't think USA has tax refund policy for tourists. In Singapore, you can process your tax refund at the airport, and get your money back at that moment. If I'm not mistaken, minimum purchase of $100 in a single receipt is required to qualify for the tax refund.
  12. Come to think of it, the coupon was a discount to offset the tax, not a non-tax coupon - worked out about the same anyway (they took the discount off then added the tax on). Do check with Customer Service desk before buying anything. This was only in two of the department stores I shopped in, places like Gap don't have this (I asked...I'm cheeky)

  13. Thks again Cal & to all above

    I think my DH will doing do his shopping in Nordstrom (if he has the time...really hope so) but u later..:p
  14. OOooo, Dleesy, maybe get onto the Nordstroms live chat and ask them about it - they might be able to help. I got a delivery from them last week (international delivery) and they didn't add any tax on.
  15. ^ you did not pay tax on the delivery because there is no store location where you live. I don't think tourists in the US can get sales tax refunds. As far as I know, the only people in the US who do not have to pay sales tax are diplomats. However, it does not hurt to ask in the customer service department.