As a present to myself for my 40th B-day..

  1. I just ordered the Legacy sig. shoulder bag in Khaki/white and the legacy leather wristlet in white. I also have a wristlet coming from eBay to match my scribble tote. I am already having 2nd thoughts and the bag won't be here for a week yet! Anyone with this bag in this color out there?

    I am new to the forums-but have lurked for awhile. This is my 6th Coach bag in a year! They are very addictive!

  2. you go girl ! please post pic's
  3. THat's a very cute combination! The Khaki/White Shoulder bag is really cute and I LOVE the Legacy White Wristlet too :smile: I'm trying to decide between the Ali Whiskey or the Shoulder bag in White....if I get the Shoulder bag, I can get a Legacy wristlet in Pond too:graucho:.
  4. Happy 40th bday!! Enjoy your day and the new Coach things!!
  5. great choice in bag and wristlet!!!!
    i actually love the khaki sig and white combo.beautiful for spring and summer...i don't think you'll be disapointed at all
    enjoy and post pics
  6. Sounds fabulous! Please don't forget to post pics!:yes:
  7. Happy birthday! :smile:

    I personally am in love with all the new Legacy stuff, so I can't imagine anyone being disappointed by it. But, if you don't like it when it arrives, just return or exchange it for something else. :smile:
  8. Yay for you! Post pics when you get your stuff. I also love Legacy and hope you love your new bag.

    Khaki/White looks very sharp together!
  10. I think that style looks great in khaki/white. Congrats!
  11. Great Choice!! Happy birthday and welcome to the forum!!:yahoo:
  12. Happy Birthday! What a great present to yourself. Isn't buying yourself presents fun?
  13. Happy Birthday!!!!! I love that bag!!!
  14. Congrats!!!! It's such a great style, I'm sure you'll love it!

    Definitely post pics once you get it . . . Also, WELCOME! Be careful, I've amassed even more bags than you in this past year and in large part, I thank (blame?) this forum for that!
  15. Happy Birthday! My 40th was just about 6 months ago but I hadn't yet gotten into Coach! I've done all my damage in less than 4 months time! LOL!

    Anyway, I think the signature/white combination will be really nice for summer! And the white wristlet will be so cute! But if you don't love it when it comes, return it. There's no point in keeping a bag you don't love!