Arty's Shoe Repair NY

  1. Just sent off my 8 pairs of louboutins to get the red rubber soles put on...was a bit worried about it all, shipping, getting done right, etc...but i feel lots better now that i have spoken with the owner, Arthur Zeva, and he seems to be very good in keeping me posted and even gave me his mobile number etc so i could reach him at any time.

    I used Fedex 2 day to ship and it was a rather big box for my 8 pairs of louboutins in their red CL dustbags...but it only cost 23 USD or so and it arrived right on time within 2 days.

    Arty called me, told me it would be 40 USD for the red rubber soles and i asked about the brand and he told me he had vibram ones coming in that will be almost exactly the same color as the original red louboutin leather soles!!!

    They are due in within the next week or so, so I decided to wait for those to arrive and then he will send me back my louboutins!!

    YAY, very excited and really hope (though I am fairly confident) they will do an excellent job in taking care of my shoes!!!

    Will keep you girls posted...

    Oh yah, I had unfortunately stepped one heel into a metal grating on the sidewalk eeek...and the patent leather on one heel got scraped up but Arty said hed fix it for me the best he could with no nice!!
  2. I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    he just did 2 pairs of my shoes.. wowwww!!!
    he colored a pair of ruined cl's and made them brand new! hes god
  3. Whoa 40$$ for 8 pairs sounds like a great deal! Was it just simple to call him up and have that done? I'm looking for a great cobbler myself (but I just wanted something more local- wait are there not any good shoes guys in LA??)
  4. Was it $40 per shoe for $5 per shoe?
  5. I'd also love to hear of a great cobbler in the LA/OC area with red sole expertise...
  6. i think its 40 bucks per pair
  7. Wow. If it's $5 per pair, I'm definitely sending mine once I get back home in June. At first I thought adding the rubber red soles was frivolous, but I was WRONG!

    What is the charge for return shipping?
  8. ^^Is it $5 a pair or $40 a pair? I think it's most likely the latter.

    $23 for 2 day shipping is inexpensive, IMO. Do you have to pay for the shipping back to you? Show us some pics when you get them.
  9. I think I've heard $40 per pair. Still not bad to preserve the sole and life of the shoe. =)
  10. I am pretty sure that the OP meant $40 for each pair, not $40 for all 8 pairs. It would be impossible to have the red soles applied for $5.
    I am sure that you will get your shoes back in fabulous condition, they are very reputable.
  11. no no no no no guys, its $40 bucks a pair for the red sole.. ive been to him
  12. You can get soles from me at the equivalent of $15 a pair. As he buys them wholesale he probably gets them for less. So he is charging over $25 to fit them. I've no idea of the normal cost in the USA/NY, but you should be able to work out if he is charging you a premium rate for dealing with CL shoes. Hope this helps.
  13. sorry for any was 40 USD per pair to get the red rubber vibram soles put on...(same price for the other red rubber soles but he told me the vibrams are the same or similar color to the bright red soles from the louboutin shoes)

    And yes, I pay for shipping back to me which he checked and will use Fedex as requested...23 USD for fedex ground which takes 2 days...from NYC to DC I guess

    I used Fedex 2 day but I have a fedex account or my bf does anyways so the rates are lower i think...

    i wont get them back until early february or so since his shipment from europe of the vibram soles hasnt come back yet
  14. i heard arturos and progressive shoe repair, both in BH, recommended to me by Christian Louboutin and Barneys in Beverly Hills...

    ive been to arturos and theyre quite nice and very competent...but they dont have red rubber soles yet...they just spray it red though i told them red vibram rubber soles are available as artys in NY has them and so they said they would look into them since they get lots of request...
  15. Actually, the red vibram soles are a fairly new thing at Arty's. He told me that I was the first one to get them on a few pairs I took in. I think that was late November. Before that, he was using other red soles that said "chic" on the bottom