Artys in NY got in a shipment of red vibram soles!!

  1. Its 40 USD per pair and he just got in a shipment of the red vibram soles..

    You can call and talk to Arty yourself--hes very nice and all....if you speak to him, let him know Cory--the girl who shipped 8 pairs to him--referred you =)

    I cant wait to finally get back my shoes in the next week....

    He's super busy doing fashionweek in NY currently too but Im sure he will try his best to accomodate you all....
  2. Post pics when you get them back.
  3. He would be getting the soles at trade price so he must be charging well over $25 to fit them. Is that cost reasonable for Canada and the USA?

    My cobbler charged the UK equivalent of $14 to fit a pair of my soles plus a small adjustment to one of the heel straps. So that would appear to be around half the price.

    If you have supplied red soles to your cobbler, how much did he charge to fit them?
  4. oooh.. i want to see pics =)
  5. i got them back!!!
    woot...they look awesome too, he did the red vibram soles on them perfectly well!!!

    will take/post pics as soon as i get a chance but i would highly recommend him, please let him know Cory referred ya...he'll take good care of your louboutins and any other shoes!!!