Artsy vs vernis

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Artsy mm or vernis alma pm

  1. Artsy mm

  2. vernis alma pm

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  1. #1 Feb 12, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2010
    Hi all, I love both bags and can only get one. I got an artsy mm 2 weeks ago and I still haven's used as it's still a bit uncomfortable on the shoulder even if I already bend it numerous times. I love vernis alma pm too. I'm really torn between the two. Please help as my dh is getting nuts on all of my questions on those bags since the day I got the artsy. TIA. :smile:
  2. Alma Vernis PM..gorgeous!
  3. Have you tried walking around the house with your stuff in the Artsy ? I think the more you use it the more it breaks in, maybe give it a try if you really like the bag. Good Luck on your decision!
  4. If it doesn't feel right the first time.. it'll probably never feel right... I felt the same way with a tivoli, thought it was awesome when it came out.. bought it.. returned it a week later and have not wanted that bag ever since.. lol
    Get the Alma!!
  5. Alma!
  6. Alma
  7. Alma in amarante! It is fun, sexy, and mysterious all at the same time! :coolio::coolio::coolio: But if need be, it can be formal!
  8. I like the Artsy more -- so edgy -- but if it's not feeling right for you, get the Alma.
  9. Try the alma
  10. Definitely the vernis alma pm! It's a gorgeous bag and SUCH a head-turner! Alma is a classic icon and will remain a timeless style. Not a fan of Artsy at all.
  11. Vernis Alma
  12. Thank you so much for your inputs. It made my decision so much easier. :tpfrox: tpf members definitely rock
  13. ALMA FOR SURE!!!!!!l
  14. Artsy!! I think the Alma is a little too dressy for an everyday bag.
  15. ^^I agree with sarahguz. Do you go to the office everyday...then it would work.

    Regarding the shoulder comfort of the Artsy--that is a mute point if you are considering an Alma. The Alma is hand carried and the Artsy is shoulder, hand, and crook of the arm carried.

    Get Artsy.