Artsy vs. Carmel dilemma....

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  1. Hello all....
    I am looking at the Artsy in Empreinte OR Carmel bag in the Mahina leather. Do you think Artsy is going "out of style"? Also, I do not live near a boutique so cannot try these on. I did own the Artsy years ago, but never used it so sold it. I since have regretted that. Anyone with the Artsy in empreinte, do you still love it and how is the wear and tear on this bag? To me, the Artsy and the Carmel bag look very similar. Like I said, I cannot try these on, so I do not know if the are similar while wearing. I really love the braided handle on the Carmel and this is pretty much the only reason why I am even considering this bag over the Artsy. I missed the Artsy with the braided handle when it was released last year, unfortunately. I have had other bags in the Mahina leather, although they were nice, I didn't care for the "thinness" of the leather and how my things would sometimes "show" through or push out the leather (sorry, being kind of clear as mud). I really like the empreinte leather feel and how thick it is. If anyone has first hand knowledge, I would love to hear about it! Thank you!!!!
  2. My friend tried on the Carmel in black & it’s a gorgeous lightweight bag. The leather is thinner though as you noted... this can be a plus when your bag is loaded up or a con if your things are heavy & deform or show through. Here’s a pic of it on her shoulder if that helps. She’s 5’8 and it was perfect on her.
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  3. Both are fantastic bags, I don't feel the Artsy is that dated. That one of my favorite bags LV has made. :heart:
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  4. Artsy will always have my ❤️ Love this bag!!
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  5. My pick would be the Artsy.
    I absolutely love that bag!
    Just my thoughts, have a hard choice to make!
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  6. I’ve had the artsy in noir emprente leather for 4 years now and I love it still! It’s a beautiful sturdy leather with a great pocket system.
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  7. It truly is a GORGEOUS bag....she looks beautiful with it! BUT is it "enough" to spend $1000 more? I like the thickness of Empreinte leather, but wish it had the braided handle. They only brought that out for such a short time that I missed my opportunity.
  8. I'm so glad to hear this. My collection is missing a great hobo style bag and I have been looking at this again for awhile now. I had bought it first years ago in the Aurore (raisin color), but never used it so sold it and lost a ton on it. I am thinking it was maybe the color. Now I am looking to replace it with the black, which I know I will use.
  9. Thank you so much for chiming in....I think I'm leaning towards the Artsy. I have been calling customer service for at least since last summer asking when/if they were going to have this with the braided handle again and they kept telling me it was coming since it was still on the website (unavailable), but nonetheless, still there.....but now it has since been removed and have been told it is gone for good:sad:
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  10. Thank you! So glad to hear this:smile:
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  11. I thought so too, but just wanted to confirm. It's such a great classic hobo style that I'm not sure if it would ever go out of style, IMHO
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  12. Artsy. I own the infini (basically dark navy that looks black). It is beautiful and timeless IMO. There is just something about it that screams craftsmanship of the brand.

    My big issue with the Mahina is the expensive price point for a light bag with holes.... every time I look at one.
  13. Well that’s why she didn’t leave with it - the price. It’s a lot for what it is. Beautiful bag though.
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  14. It is a LOT of money for a bag, but if you get years of use from it, the cost can be justified.
    Not trying to sway your opinion, but go with Infini or Black...both colors are timeless and will go with anything you wear.
    Plus, the Empreinte leather. It wears beautifully!
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  15. Exactly! The leather on the Mahina feels so thin to me. I didn't like my things "poking" out of the sides when I had the XL Mahina bag years ago. Empreinte leather, to me, feels more luxurious than Mahina....not sure why Mahina price tag is always so much more....must be because of all the holes they have to put in it.
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